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Sunday, 24 January 2016

Wooden hearts & metal bits

Oh don't be silly ... how on earth can it possibly be two whole months since I last blogged!
Ahhh, I remember now ... Christmas kinda, sorta got in the way and then I went down with that dreaded cold bug than knocked me off my feet for three weeks! 

 Today was my second day out since Christmas and I am shattered!
Headed off with my friend to the Clarity workshop, run by the delightful Maria Simms in Shrewsbury which meant a very early start - alarm clock on any day of the week when hubby is retired is a shock, let alone at 6am on a Sunday!!!!!

I like to make sure people know how I feel about them so I braved the nerves and made Maria a gift ... adding wording that should leave her with no doubt how just amazeballs she is ... had a meltdown when I finished it as I was not entirely happy with it and all the self-doubt poked me in the eye but I decided to give it to her at the last minute and I was able to relax a little when she liked it!  

The colours do not show up on here ... it graduated from blues through a sage green back to blue and was very sparkly!  I am not a fan of glitter and sit for ages deciding whether to use it or not but I do think a little sprinkling is the finishing touch.

I have a couple more to finish this week but one was a commission for a friend and is now on it's way to Australia ... one of the hearts below is another commission and I am just awaiting the details to put on the message that will go on it and the other two hearts are to be finished once I have decided what to do with them!

This one has not photographed at all well ... it is black with purple tones added ... it is very much more bright and sparkly than it looks here ... very dramatic though!

SO that wasn't a bad week's work really considering how poorly I've been ... had to do-a-bit and then take-a-break and then do-a-bit more but it keeps me quiet!

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  1. Awesome work Debbie. I saw it in the flesh so to speak and I can vouch for the fact that Maria was chuffed to little pieces when you gave it her. Fabulous work on all the others too. Xx