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Saturday, 4 March 2017

Powertex Tryptich

Funny how things happen
Contacted Wendy at Daisy's to see if she had a certain item I was desperately trying to get and she put me in touch with a "lovely lady in Cardiff" ... Joanne Roe who, as we were chatting, mentioned she was a Powertex demonstrator
I have been keen to attend a Powertex workshop for some time but had not really looked into it and said to bear me in mind as I would happily travel to Cardiff to attend one of hers
As it turns out she then put me in touch with the wonderful Annette Smyth who is almost on my doorstep!

So yesterday was the day for my first ever Powertex workshop
(I say "first ever" because there will be more for sure)

I was lucky enough to get a one-to-one session with Annette and spent a really lovely & relaxed few hours in her company as she VERY patiently introduced me to the product and then helped me produce my first piece

Wanted to do the tryptich since I first saw it
and, absolutely determined NOT to use my usual colour palette,
I asked her to remove all the browns & greens & blues from the table
but looking at sample pieces she showed me
I quickly and easily decided I wanted to use red and yellows
which, of course, mix and merge to make oranges and browns too

VERY different colours for me
but am certainly going to use them again

This is pretty much the first time EVER I have finished something and am pleased with it
I am always "so-so" about it
or hate it 
sometimes it grows on me sometimes it ends up in the Box of Failures

but not this time
this time I sat back and loved it

But fear not ... I have peaked and no-confidence Debbie is very much back in the building


  1. Ha! You'll really be hooked now Debbie. I first said 'Hello' to Powertex at a workshop last September and absolutely loved it. Thing is, it's such a messy process I need to wait now for Summer to work with it in the garden :) LOVE what you made - and I do hope you hang it somewhere nice in your home.


    Di xx

  2. I love the looks of these Hugs Nikki