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Thursday, 10 August 2017

Never Say Never

Said I'd NEVER make any form of figurine and most definitely never an angel
but, hey-ho, having discovered Powertex and seen what can be done I quite suddenly had an image in my head
and knew I wanted to make an angel
but one with the most tattered, raggedy wings EVER

So booked myself and my Lil' Sis' onto one of Annette Smyth's workshops and came away with my tattered, raggedy winged angel

She evolved hugely over the workshop - she was going to be everso much more heavily clothed but whilst draping parts of Annette's gorgeous lace tablecloth - cut especially for me ... we looked at each other and thought she was fine just as she was

So simplicity rules and that left me free to go to town on her wings
which was always my aim

Can't thank Annette enough for her help with this one ... was not at my best on the day and had no idea AT ALL just how much work goes into these sculptures

But, I am so pleased with her
and as for saying "never" ...
what's next, I wonder?

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