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Saturday, 26 August 2017

Tatteredrocks meets flutterby

Had this one in my head ever since I did my tatty, raggedy winged angel

Loved, loved, loved doing it but sure did mess up with the colouring
Tried to be true to the brand and only use Powertex products but the colours were not working for me

After throwing it across the room a few times (test flight for the butterfly) the penny FINALLY dropped that I could use any product I wanted to get the effect I wanted ... so in came Lindy's & Finnabair
Still managed to stuff it up so walked away, had a nap, had a jam doughnut and came at it again

Not perfect but my favourite colours with a bit of a twist and it sure does shimmer when the light hits it - just like a real butterfly's wings 

Size is about 10" across the widest point ... pretty square shape so probably 10" deep too!

Have hung it above my craft table as it does kinda, sorta represent my work right now ... and who can go wrong with a butterfly on her wall?

How she started out ... the long tail was intended to be strengthened so I could stand it in the garden but then I used products other than Powertex so probably would no longer be weatherproof ... so she is a house butterfly now

Products used:
Ivory / Bluish Grey
Easy Varnish
 Blue / Green / Red
Lindy's Stamp Gang  
Moon Shadow Mist - Tawny Turquoise
Starburst - Afternoon Denim Delight / Jazzy Jivin' Purple
Flat Pabio - Rizzo's Rowdy Red (had to put on my glasses to read that one as I was sure it said "randy" not "rowdy" !!!!)
Lindy's Magicals
Tea Pot Purple / Tweedle Dee Denim  
Clear Gold / Terragreen
Finnabair (Prima Marketing) Art Ingredients
Mica Powder - Lilac Opal Magic


  1. she is gorgeous, and I love the colours!

  2. Totally awesome, Debbie. Love the colours, and you're right- it's your artwork, so you can use what you like. Love the idea of a house butterfly! Huge Hugs, Shaz XxX

  3. This is truly beautiful Debbie, the colours are fabulous. Clearly a nap and a doughnut are the way to Creativity 💜