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Monday, 24 June 2019

But like a comet ...

... I was wondered at
(William Shakespeare)

But I am getting used to the glazed expressions coming over faces as they wonder, "Crikey, what has Debbie done now"

Not everyone gets the whole mixed media thing
Totally get & appreciate that

But, hey-ho, it rocks my boat so I shall hold on to the pleasure I had making this and quietly plan my next project to get them all wondering

Had the idea for this in mind for a very long time
it was intended to be the sun
but it seems that vision was mine alone and suggestions were it resembled the emoticon of the devil, or it is the moon or a comet

So I am going with the comet ... hate the sun anyway so a comet is perhaps a better idea anyway

The photo's do not do it justice ... it just glows & is very much more golden when the light hits it

Products used:
"Great Art"
 1x30cm & 1 x 20cm Gerstaecker Canvas Board

"Samantha K"
2 x 10cm, 2 x 15cm & 1 x 20 Elegant Drop Frame

Perfect Pearls Mists - Forever Red

"Prima Marketing" - Finnabair
Art Basics : 
Heavy Gesso Black / Clear
Heavy Body Gel / Soft Gloss Gel
Art Extravagance :
Paper Texture Paste
Rust Effect Paste - Texture Fantasy : Fire Orange (from Anemone & Coral set)
Yellow Rust (from Military set)
Glitter set : Luminous
Art Ingredients :
Art Stones / Mini Art Stones
Art Alchemy :
Metallique Acrylic Paint - Gold Amber / Royal Red / Flame / Coral Reef
 Fresh Orange / Brass Hardware
Sparks - Phoenix Feather
Liquid Acrylic Paint - True Yellow / Tiger Orange / Carmine
Metallique Wax - White Gold / Firebird / Peacock
Antique Brilliance Wax - Red Amber
Opal Magic Wax - Vintage Silk

Stencil - Diamonds
Decorative Paper - Solar
Melange Pebbles
 Finnabair's Mechanicals & various other metal embellishments & pearls
Gold Leaf