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Wednesday, 5 June 2019

WOYWW 522 - The ATC edit

Ten years and counting
One week on already, but only four days since the wonderful crop
Have loved seeing all the photographs - looks like you had a simply
day ... as I had no doubts you would, of course!

If you are new here and would like to find out more about the recent anniversary celebrations then pop along to The Stamping Ground and see 
just what you miss by not being a WOYWW'er

I had a few ATC's arrive in the post and Shaz & Doug are popping round next week with some from the crop for me so I will post all of those together once I have them but I will share the one from my Mr Linky partner ... the very lovely Zsuzsa

Today's offering are my ATC's  
I can't do all the very arty clever stuff that make up most ATC's
So had my usual meltdown
Then half an idea formed
Don't even try to be arty and just do what you enjoy
 I decided to go for my much loved Powertex ammonites

First of all you have to make your clay - done by simply mixing Stone Art with Powertex
Gloves are a good idea

Ammonites are made using a mould - I do have a photo of them all in little rows drying but do you think I can now find that photo?  Can I heck!

Whilst they were drying I stuck the number 10 to each of the substrates and, when dry, put a layer of Stone Art over the whole ATC
Got some really super stone looking backgrounds
For which you will have to take my word because I subsequently
 covered it all up!

When that layer was dry I stuck the ammonites in place and added some details with Paperdecoration and Art Stones


Left overnight again to dry and are all ready to colour

I forgot to take any photos of the colouring stages but it is really quite simple
Bister granules dissolved in water in a spray bottle and then
well, just point and squirt

Once they were dry I mixed Powertex metallic Colourtricx pigments with a little Easy Varnish to highlight the details

Next came the problem of packaging
The traditional little cellophane ATC bags were not going to do the job
and I didn't want the ATC's to arrive at the crop as a pile of broken fragments
so I made boxes
And then decided to use my rarely used (made by) stamp
So everyone got a free sheet of loo paper too!

I made and sent along two prizes for the raffle table - I based them on a little CD project I did a while back but framed them this time
Photo below is the original piece - all done with Finnabair products

Should have taken the photos before I put in the glass ... but am not given to thinking ahead so excuse crummy photos

 So HUGE thanks to Shaz & Doug for taking them for me
and here's to the next decade of WOYWW'ing!


  1. They are all fantastic Debbie! How lovely for everyone to get such a brilliant little bit of your art in a fab little box! Xxx

  2. Hi Debbie, your ATC's were oooh'ed and ahh'ed over by everyone! They were truly fabulous. And lucky me, I got to chose one of your wall arts from the raffle prizes- surprise, I had the one with the black background! We'll see you next week, Love & hugs, Shaz XxXx

  3. We swapped places on the list, but we still seem to be chasing each other LOL! Your ATC definitely has that 'wow' factor - thanks so much for showing the stages. Powertex is something I have heard of but never tried before. I think I've found the mould for the ammonites and will be ordering it! I bet it works with air drying clay as well! Your two framed works of art look wonderful as well and I'm a little jealous of Shaz and Sarah for bagging them, but I'm very happy to have one of your ATCs! I hope you'll have a chance to visit WOYWW more often! Happy #522! zsuzsa #26

  4. Thank you for the gorgeous ATC - as Shaz said, they were admired by all. So it was interesting to see the stages of making them, thank you for sharing that. Your pic framed pics went first at the raffle too. Honestly Debbie, your artwork really is amazing. I bought 10 of the cards you sent me and used a couple to put ATCs in to post. I put one of mine in an envelope at the Crop, so it'll get to you in the fullness of time!

  5. PS Sorry, I'm no 10 in the list, there's apt!

  6. Not sure how you can say your atcs aren't arty, they are stunning and everyone who saw them on opening the boxes were in awe. Great to see the step by step pics, I have some Stone Art must get round to using it one day! I shan't be using the sheet of paper any time soon, either! Have a great week.. Helen #2

  7. I so loved your ATCs and very much wish I could have won one of your pictures in the raffle. You were missed at the crop. Happy WOYWW. With love & God Bless, Caro x (#9)

  8. Hi Debbie. Your ATCs were amazing! Thank you so much. And lovely to see in your post how hou made them. We really did have an amazing day at the Crop, it would be lovely if you could make it next time. Have a lovely week Heather xx #6

  9. Hi Debbie those ATCs are awesome! I am a big lover of Powertex and would have loved one of those but couldn't make the crop sadly. I'm a bit late tonight but better late than never I guess. Wishing you a happy woyww, what's left of it. Angela x17x

  10. I am so sorry to have taken so long to visit. Unfortunately, my electricity was off this afternoon and into the night due to the storms. Now it is back on and I'm trying to play catch up.

    I am in awe of the beautiful ATCs you made for the crop AND the raffle gifts you made. You are truly a beautiful person for doing that for these ladies who love you. Happy WOYWW from #3.

  11. Thank you so much Debbie. As you can see from my post, I jumped at the chance to get old of one of your art pieces (as well as the gorgeous ATC). I know Shaz got the other one! Happy WOYWW. Sraah #1

  12. missed you at the Crop, maybe next year.
    Thank you for your ATC, absolutely fabulous! You are so clever and need to be aware of that...... I am amazed at the 'toilet roll' ...lol
    Have a good week and enjoy your visitors.
    Christine #25

  13. Thank you for your gorgeous ATC and all the effort and care you took in making sure they arrived safely. Your artwork for the raffle was amazing too. Hope you can join us next time. xx Jo

  14. Wow, your ATC's are amazing. I love the ammonite theme and I really must look into trying Powertex, it looks amazing. I was sent one of your cards by Jan with her ATC in it and it's a beautiful card - a gorgeous dark butterfly on the front - I just love it - you are so very talented.
    Hope you have a lovely week,
    Diana x #20

  15. When I saw the little brown boxes with the labels on I knew I just had to have one. Then I opened it and was wowed by the paper you had made. "What a lot of thought and work she has put into this" went through my head. Then came the Powertex!
    This is my first piece of Powertex. I have seen it many times on people's blogs but never in real life. Debbie, your atc is gorgeous! I love ammonites to begin with but the way you have used them - and on an atc sized piece is just fantastic!
    Thank you for showing us how you made them, the production line. I hate to think how many hours you put into making the atc's, the paper and the boxes. That was a very generous gift to us all and something that I know we will all treasure. Mine is going in a frame without a doubt. Thank you so much. Hope you are feeling better today and you keep feeling better as time goes on
    Hugs, Neet 5 xx

  16. Sorry I’m late Debbie, it’s been a week! I can still hear the intakes of breath as the girls opened their ATC boxes, and little coos of delight at your hand stamped tissue and then the ATC itself, well, we were all a little dumbstruck tbh! Beautiful beautiful work...again! I can safely assure you that your raffle prize donations increased ticket sales no end. Thank you a kerjillion and just wait till I can actually hug you.!xxxxxxx