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Thursday, 2 July 2020

Finnabair Patreon Ocean Mood Board

Recently became part of Finnabair's Patreon group
There are several levels at which you can join - just pick the one that appeals to you
It's quite wonderful giving you access (depending on the level you pick) to many live video demonstrations - loads of workshop based type ones as well as general questions & answers where we just hang out
Suits me very well indeed!

One particular demo has been how to interpret a mood board
Now I have always scrolled on right past any mood boards as they did not call out to me and I really had no idea what they were all about

As one of the higher level Patreons I was able to join in with the picking of the theme, colours & techniques for a mood board which was then opened up to all the Patreon levels
We picked Ocean, Purple & Turquoise and Texture as the theme

The choice to participate is entirely down to you, of course, and I really was not going to join in as everyone's work is so wonderful and those of you who know me will understand my reluctance

However, whilst on holiday in Scotland last year I was unable to watch one of Finn's live FB videos as we had no Wi-Fi
I messaged her to apologise and added, "but I am in paradise"
her immediate reply was, "Paradise doesn't need Wi-Fi"
How true!!!!!
I wrote down her words always intending to use them on a canvas or something
but the theme of this mood board and the fact we had collected shells from that very beach seemed to be a sign that now was the time to not only do my first ever mood board, but to join in the challenge too

I knew what I wanted to do ... variation on a large shell I have done before but I now wanted driftwood

Am as far from the ocean as you can get here in dear old England and lockdown means no day trips anyway so a quick call to nephew, Alfie, who had collected driftwood for his wedding a couple of years ago, with a plea to see if he had any left

He did!
But it was a close call as he had very nearly burnt it all only a few days previously

He sent me all he had - his wife socially distancing leaving it in our porch - & the one piece was exactly what I wanted ... it was as if I had nipped to the beach and found it myself

So a couple of days to put this together and I have my mood board piece done

Hate the purple but am happy with the rest
It looks lovely when the sunlight hits it and it sparkles
and it is a lovely reminder of shells collected from one of our favourite places and to keep stuff like the internet & Wi-Fi in perspective

Finnabair (Prima Marketing)
Art Basics :
White Gesso 
Soft Gloss Gel / Heavy Body Gel 
Art Ingredients :
Art Stones / Mini Art Stones
Glass Glitter : Midnight Blue
Art Alchemy Metallique Acrylic Paint :
Crocus Fields / French Lavender / Stormy Ocean / White Pearl
Art Alchemy Opal Magic Acrylic Paint :
Blue Violet
Art Extravagance :
Glitter Set - Carribean Seas

Deco Media Shimmer Mist - White
Lindy's Starburst Spray - Frozen Jack Frost

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