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Sunday, 5 July 2020

Giveaway #14 - Debbie Does The Dragonfly Blues

Why the Dragonfly Blues?
Because this is another of those very rare species ...
first there was the Tatteredrocks Poppy
followed by the Tatteredrocks Butterfly
and now the Tatteredrocks Dragonfly

And yes, I totally realise my mistake ... hence it being a very rare species!
Dragonfly wings are, of course, transparent and shimmery
but, hey-ho, it is pretty nonetheless!

Another Powertex project this week ... a shimmering blue dragonfly with shades of green & lilac too & suitable for your garden

Powertex Universal Medium - Ivory
Cheesecloth / gauze
Paper Decoration
Powertex Powercolor - Dark Blue

Finnabair (Prima Marketing) 
Art Alchemy Metallique Acrylic Paint :
Emerald Green / Royal Blue / Deep Waters
Art Alchemy Opal Magic Acrylic Paint : Violet Green

***Winner was Sandra Mitchell***

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