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Monday, 10 August 2020

Wrap yourself in love & friendship

With the fifteen weeks of giveaways all done I really wanted 0ne final one to be a HUGE thank  you to all of those who "went through it together" with me

The whole project gave me structure and purpose amidst the utter fear and chaos of those early days of the virus - I most certainly would have been floundering and struggling without it to occupy myself and I really do wish I could have carried on for longer

I hoped one of my bobble blankets might be a suitable thank you but choice of yarn during a lockdown pandemic was hard!  Suddenly everywhere was out of stock and choice was very limited. This was the best I could find but it ended up being a favourite ... was not able to get my usual fifteen balls so it is one ball short but, hey, what's a few bobbles & a couple of inches between friends?!?!?!?

*** Winner was Bev Garfiled ***

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