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Sunday, 16 February 2014


Okay ... no, of course I am not really in a mad panic making hubby's card the day before his birthday.
Of course I've had it in hand for weeks and weeks and am merely making last minute tweaks to it right now.
Yeah, right!  
Thank goodness he is upstairs decorating as I just had one of those "oh my goodness!!!" moments when I realised his is the one very few cards I have left to make for this year.
Better get on with it then!!!!!

He is getting some *S*N*O*W* chains for the Land Rover for his birthday and they haven't arrived yet so am just making a quick silly tag to represent them ... absolutely nothing like the real thing but I've a rotten cold and couldn't come up with a better idea!

Shall stick some *S*N*O*W*flakes on it and a little tag that says "present following".

No time to even get out my large craft mat and just grabbed the little one when he went upstairs and am making do in the smallest workspace possible but needs must and he WILL get his card in the morning.

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  1. It is always hard to remember and actually get a chance to make those special cards when the recipient is always around. Good luck, Debbie. Hope you made it. xx Maggie