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Saturday, 29 March 2014

Bakers Twine & Staples, Butterflies & Cogs

Oh dear! Oh dear! Oh dear!
Yet again my mojo has left the building and I haven't crafted for ages now - luckily I have managed to get all my cards done for this year and now really do need to just get to it, play around and see what happens. Got ideas in my head and so much I WANT to get done but all my oomph seems to have fizzled at the moment.

So not much to post here but at least I have popped along to my dear little blog and updates on the latest cards to come off the craft mat.

Got a bit of a thing for baker's twine at the moment so have used it on pretty much all my cards for this year ... and I seem to fall back on butterflies whenever I am stuck for an idea or a theme.  Good job most people like butterflies then!

Was hoping the staples took the tweeness away from the pink and girly cards ... which are not normally my cup of tea ... but not sure it has worked!  
Next two pics are just close ups but you get the idea.

Then for the men ... well, my fall back for them is cogs and gears so these are the male versions of the pink and girly butterflies.

Hopefully flat enough to post without incurring the horrendous large stamp charges which is a pity because I'd have preferred to make them more 3D than they are.

I try to send cards in remembrance of someone's loss so stuck with the butterflies as they really do seem appropriate for such cards and went back to my preferred tag style but have found not everyone "gets" that it is not intended to be just a tag but their card.

It did seem a little cruel stapling through the butterflies but was kinda, sorta, maybe pleased with how they turned out.

So just need to get my mojo activated again and get back to getting some cards in stock to use for all those unexpected occasions that crop up ... and to play around with the few ideas I do have rattling around in my head ... maybe I will aim for Monday ... maybe.

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