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Saturday, 29 March 2014

Blogland buses

Got to laugh really ... my blog posts are a bit like buses ... you wait for ages and then they come along in threes! 

Last cross stitch project to finish was an engagement present for my nephew who proposed on Christmas morning.   Managed to get a card made and to them on Christmas afternoon but their present is very late indeed.  As they already have a lovely home and pretty much everything they need I wasn't going to get anything but then, whilst browsing for something else, I came across an AAN design that just seemed so right for an engagement present.

Two false starts as I first miscalculated the size of the fabric I needed - maths never was my strong point - and then after getting a fair bit of the design stitched on the right size evenweave I came across a fault in the fabric and had to start for a third time.  Finally got it finished and handed over last week!

Design is called Cuore in Fiore and I loved the plain white colour on beige linen.

This was the tag I made to go on the present once wrapped.

Got four nephews - all brothers - so hope to eventually stitch one for each of these as they all get engaged ... just hope they don't do so all at once or I will be a very busy auntie!

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