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Saturday, 29 March 2014

And finally ...

I mean As Finally as in the third bus to come along!  

Have shared this before but it is one of my most favourite pieces and I stitched it following, and in remembrance of, 9/11.

Have had it said to me that it seemed odd for someone in England to stitch such a design but I felt it represents the impact of that day on everyone so am happy to share it again here now.

Dreadful photograph due to the reflection but you get the idea.  It hangs on the wall in our lounge and I'd love to stitch it again given half a chance.


  1. Wow Debbie. This is fabulous. Did you stitch on linen by any chance. Hugs Rita xxx

  2. A beautiful piece of work. I remember sitting in front of the TV, ready to watch Doctors while eating dinner, and seeing this all unwind in front of our eyes, thinking to start with that it was publicity for a film. xx Maggie