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Sunday, 3 August 2014

The best laid plans...

So what is it they say about the best laid plans of mice and men?  My plan sure has backfired on me and I think after 35 years and two weeks of very happy marriage divorce now looms.

Got it into my head I wanted to crochet a new blanket.  Now those that know me for real know I love blankets and am to be seen snuggled under one most of the time ... even on the hottest day I will have a blanket but be sitting full on on front of the fan ... ludicrous I know but there you have it.

I have crocheted more blankets than I can count in my time but nothing for years and years and years and didn't want to do the tried and trusted "traditional" granny square crocheted blanket so spent a few hours practising some new stitches (see last blog post) ... my favourite by far was the really quite complicated and wool eating crocodile stitch which, realistically, would have taken me years to make into a blanket sized project.  Then I came across the bobble stitch and knew I had found the stitch for me!  Also known as the raspberry stitch ... either sits well with me but feel "bobble blanket" slips more easily off the tongue than "raspberry blanket".

Then began the search for the wool I wanted.  Searched for ages and ages and finally found what I was looking for ... price seemed great too so ordered 12 balls.  I knew I'd need more but had no idea quite what size I was going to aim for with my blanket and so had no idea how far a ball of wool would go.  It arrived very promptly but Oh! the disappointment when I opened it!  Not what I was expecting AT ALL and I was sure they had sent me the wrong colours.  My sister was here at the time and she just loved it and said one word ... "Scotland" ... sealed the deal for me as I adore Scotland and our annual holidays there.  A quick check on the website showed they had sent the right shade and it was just the way it had been wound into balls that had it looking so very different to my expectations.

Not really having the time to start straightaway I, of course, had to and began stitching away ... soon used up one ball and blanket was only about 2" wide ... quick calculation by hubby and we figured I'd need around 30 balls so back to the website to order more.

Oh the shock when it was double the price I had paid for the original 12 balls.  I emailed them asking why the price increase in just two days and it seems I ordered during a sale period that ended the evening I placed my order and the wool had then reverted to its full price.  I hadn't even noticed the sale price but had no choice but to order another 18 balls ... hence the imminent divorce as my blanket is now going to cost the best part of a second mortgage.  Well, not quite, but working out far more than I really should be paying - got to say I am loving the stitch and the wool is just what I was hoping for and I am loving every sneaked moment I give to my blanket.  Few rows before bed ... few more when you can't sleep and then a few more early in the morning  before hubby gets up.  Veggies cooking for Sunday lunch so a few more done - think I'd do a couple of rows whilst on the loo if I could.

So, progress is slow but there is no rush to complete it ... will be impossible to work on if the heat of this summer continues (and they are predicting the hottest August in 300 years) as I will be buried under an ever growing blanket but, as with my cross stitch or even crafting to a certain degree - the joy is in working something and not necessarily seeing it finished and given away, hanging on the wall or folded (bobble side up of course!)  

The colours just don't show up here very well but they are a wonderful mixture of thistles and heather and peat and moss and are really quite lovely.

It's nearly 5 feet long ... er, got a way to go then to make it blanket size! (am aiming for a rectangle not a square so will have to see how I get on)!

At least I will have it to keep me warm when Phil kicks me out for spending way too much on wool - so if anyone is willing to take me in when I am homeless I can bring my own blanket!!!!!


  1. Rofl! Loved your post Debbie, really made me laugh! Hugs, Shaz xx

  2. The colour and stitch is beautiful! You are so clever xx

  3. Aha, the cost I understand and sympathise with, the need to do it when you haven't got time..yep, the colour thing on the website..yep...love the stitch love it..haven't been brave enought to try it....you may have inspired me....

  4. oh what a nightmare! but it is already turning out to be beautiful - and I adore the colours!! good luck lovely lady!! no room here, and no lakes either, so I don't think you'd be very happy here.. other wise you'd be more than welcome!

  5. Came over to WOYWW a bit late but got wow'd by your blanket - the cost doesn't matter .... it's making you happy!! and think how lovely it will be when it is finished .... I crochet and knit on car journeys - I can make two preemie blankets going to visit PJ's sister!!!!

  6. Hi Debbie,
    You deserve full marks for perseverance!
    How annoying to find the wool on sale one day and not the next :(
    I've got enough wool stashed away here to start a shop! I really have to be strong and cull it. Started (another) ski hat (beanie) the other day and have got into a terrible mess because I had to knit one of the colours double so am knitting from both ends of the ball. Well the ball wasn't really wound as neatly as it should have been, so almost immediately there was a great tangle of wool to contend with! Anyway, I'm on top if it now :)
    Thanks for your nice comment about my attempts with the NL technique. I thought they turned out ok.

  7. Hi Debbie! Wow, that's gonna be a stunner, gorgeous stitch and I do love the colours. Look on the bright side - at least you got 12 balls of the wool at half price :)

    Hugs, Di xx