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Wednesday, 6 August 2014


Okay so another fabulous WOYWW (for the uninitiated that stands forWhat's on your Workdesk Wednesday) and is the brilliant concept of the equally fab-u-lous Julia Dunnit over at The Stamping Ground - a chance for us bloggers to hop all around the world popping in to see what fellow crafters have on their desks.  The Stamping Ground and a far better description WOYWW'ing than I have given can be found HERE

Now there SHOULD be LOADS on my workdesk but, well, you know that problem when you have SO much crafting to do you can't seem to settle to any?  My thoughts are flitting and floating from one project to the next and I am not actually working on any of them!  What's that saying ... "Procrastination is the thief of time" ... will slap myself around the cheeks with a wet trout later and just get to it! Honest I will!

So all I can share is a sneek peek of some stuff I have made for a forthcoming fundraising afternoon tea in memory of my nephew Nick ... I get the jitters big time when making stuff for events like this and am not sure if any of this will be of any use, if any of it is saleable, if anyone would want such "handmade" items, if they fit the brief (there was no brief but there is one in my head) etc., etc.,  There are 6 (I think!) of the Maya Angelou designs on the left of the photo (as inspired by Barbara Gray at Clarity Stamps) and there are three of the wooden hearts I make.  And then four tags ... can't decide whether to stick the tags to the front of a "traditional" opening card or leave them as my much preferred tags.  Not many people to whom I send tags seem to understand the concept!  
Oh the pressure!

Now what was it I was going to do?  Oh yes, CRAFT!!!!!

Happy WOYWW'ing everyone!


  1. I think having a mix of everything is a great idea! And your stuff is looking lovely. Having done many stalls, I dound there is always someone who asks for something you haven't got...sigh... you can only do so much!
    And I love your tags :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 26 xx

  2. Oh I know that feeling well Debbie! I have so many fanciful dressmaking plans going round my head, but know in my heart I need to get the basics down first! Your work is lovely and I'm sure it will be appreciated xx

    Fiona #31 (for now!)

  3. Ooh everything looks lovely!! Mind you I know what you mean - I have a MacMillan Coffee morning soon and am making things to sell but never sure if peopel would like what I call 'arty' hand made stuff. None of the arty cards sold last year and I thought they were lovely. But there you go, no accounting for taste! Happy Crafting ! Cindy #36

  4. Poor you Debbie but don't resort to the wet trout just yet! Your projects look fab and I am sure will be just right for the fundraiser. Good luck!
    Lynda B 24

  5. Hi Debbie, lovely stuff made there. So difficult to know what people will want, I agree.And totally with you about 'PROCRAFTINATING', lol. Done very little lately, yet I have a hundred and one things in my head I want/need to do. Have a great week, Hugs Shaz # 17 xxx

  6. I like tags too. Lovely selection of creations.

    ~Kate~ #39

  7. yes, I often don't know where to start, your desk looks ready for anything. Helen 2

  8. I know all about that pressure. Just enjoy it, though, and the right peeps will fall in love with what you come up with. Have a great week, Chris # 5

  9. Love those flowers, your box looks interesting and I am certain will draw people across to look in and buy.
    have fun on the day.
    Bishopsmate #47

  10. Debbie those cards and tags are gorgeous, they will sell out in minutes. Especially love the purple one on back right, such a brilliant blend of colours.
    Chris #6