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Wednesday, 4 April 2018

WOYWW #461

Ok! Ok! Now pick yourself off the floor!
‘Tis me!!!!

So - what is on my workdesk?

Nothing ... nowt ... nada ... zilch ... not a sausage!

Have managed two small projects since Christmas (which I will blog separately) but not a single card. 
This time last year I had ALL (around 200) cards for the year made & had crocheted four bobble blankets. 
This year nuffin’!

Exceptional change of circumstances but I am working hard on figuring out a way of being able to work more comfortably but when your (inoperable) hernia is now the size of a baby elephant it’s tricky.

But, hey, mood & spirits are back where they should be so can’t complain. 

Am absolutely positive that everyone else’s desk are more worthy of a visit than my pathetic effort so head over to the simply wonderful Julia’s at 
The Stamping Ground & have a nosey around. 


  1. Hi Debbie, nice to meet you. Sorry to hear you haven't been able to do much crafting this year. Let's hope the NHS finally does something about your hernia soon! Happy WOYWW, Sarah #16

  2. 'Tattered Rock', I am sure I have heard that before - Oh wait up, it is Debbie. (said in fun not sarcasm)
    Glad to see you here after such a long absence but sorry to hear that the reason is a giant hernia. Hope you get something done about it soon.
    Take care.
    Hug, Neet 3 xx

  3. Lovey to see you here, whether you've crafted or not!! Hope you can get sorted out soon re the hernia, awful not being able to sit comfortably, I have the same problem at the moment but it is getting sorted - hope you do soon too.
    Hope your skies are sunnier than ours
    Have a good week
    Christine #21

  4. Hi Debbie. Lovely to see you here today. Sorry you haven't been able to sit and craft - it will still be there after this wretched sounding hernia gets sorted. Soon? Any time on the near horizon?
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #1

  5. Hello my lovely friend! Been ages. Sad you are not comfortable, I do hope you can get something sorted out to make your life easier. You make such beautiful pieces, it must be driving you mad not being able to do as much. Sending you lots of love & hugs, Shaz XXXXX

  6. Hope you soon get fixed, NH is unbelievable. Just keep visiting us.
    Monica 29

  7. I don't care that there's nothing on your desk, it is wonderful to see you back in WOYWW!! Though it makes me sad that you're not comfortable enough to be able to craft, I can't believe that in these days of medical innovations, they can't do anything to help you - that just doesn't seem right when it's as debilitating as yours is. It makes me cross on your behalf.
    So I'm sending you big squishies and hugs to hopefully make you feel a little better.
    Lots of love,
    LLJ 10 xxxx

  8. HELLO!!!! so pleased to see you back, but I am sorry the hernia is causing you such discomfort. Sending you hugs.. keep in touch with us please! even with an empty desk. Helen #2

  9. Happy WOYWW & thanks for sharing! xx Jan (36)

  10. Just pleased you posted even if there is nothing on your desk. Hope you get sorted soon. Have a great woyww, Angela x17x

  11. Maybe visiting other desks will inspire you despite your pachyderm issue. I hope you are able to find a way to get comfortable.
    April #22

  12. Can you get a second opinion? Man that sound awful...I thought that once anything affected the quality of your life, it was to be taken more seriously. Your desk and mine are looking sad. However, I was more concerned about yours..thought you were moving! SO you’ll enjoy making cards on a last minute basis this year, like us lesser mortals!

  13. That sounds horrendous but I do love your sense of humour. I hope you come back next week - I'm back after a long long absence from WOYWW.

    Sorry I'm late - hope you are having a good week.
    Carmen x #37