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Wednesday, 13 March 2019


Empty chairs at empty tables
(doing a LLJ here!!!)

OK so the chairs are actually occupied as I am sitting on one of them but the table is certainly emptyish

Totally lost the momentum that followed on from my truly wonderful workshops with Finnabair and have fizzled to a halt

All you can see on my workdesk this fine Wednesday (it is actually chucking it down but that is quite fine by me!) are two cards made yesterday and it felt like climbing Everest making them

Am very much not a card maker any more but even my love of mixed media seems to be eluding me right now

So, sorry dearest Julia - our esteemed leader and head desker over at THE STAMPING GROUND where the worldwide sharing of workdesks takes place each Wednesday - but there is not very much of anything to share again I'm afraid

Card on left is for the lady next door who has been poorly and the card on the right is for Great Nephew Henry who will be four next week

Not much else to be seen - you can just spot the pink handle of the Big Shot and the laptop and printer in the background as I have yet to print out the "Happy Birthday" for inside H's card - could stamp it, of course, but even that seems a step too far right now

H left the stand for his Rubik's Cube here last time he visited so you can see that - the black triangle on the right and that is standing on a little yellow "man" ... 3D printed by a friend in the US and very handy for all sorts of things

You might be wondering about the spanners ... the small one was intended for a canvas and the large one (which is too heavy for me to lift) just balances the board I use to craft on ... they were both daddy's and I like having them close whether I am being arty or not

Want to make a small thank you pressie for someone who was so very kind to me at Finnabair's workshop so hope to tackle that today ... really do need to figure out if all this messing about business really is still for me or if it has run its course and I should just walk away from it all - the indecision is getting to me a bit but am not going to be hasty and get rid of all my stuff just yet.  I enjoyed my Finnabair workshops so much surely that is a sign!

Happy Workdesk Wednesday'ing!!!


  1. Hi Debbie, absolutely. How much you enjoyed it, and the beautiful canvases you made prove it's 'you', but just do it when you feel like it, trying to force it will just make it a hurdle. How amazing that Henry will be 4! Where has that time gone?Lots of love & hugs to you Shaz XxXxXx

  2. As with any big decision, I feel the right response is to wait for a couple of months and see how you feel then...it helps me. After seeing your glorious creations from the workshop, I sincerely hope you don't give up. Can't believe H is 4...good grief, time is whizzing by too fast, can we slow it down somehow please?!
    Hugs LLJ 2 xxx
    PS it's really lovely to see you on the desks today xxxx

  3. Take it slow Debbie, and the 'answers' will come to you when you are ready, and then you will know for sure what you want to do. In the meantime, thanks for sharing your desk, I do like the little dinosaur on the card! Happy woyww and a big hug from stormy Holland. Marit #19

  4. No need to make any quick decisions! Maybe put the supplies in a box and move to a closet and see if you desire to hunt them out and have a play. I have beads from over 10 years ago that I can't bring myself to get rid of. I sometimes plan to get back into it and I know they are there waiting for me.

    Happy WOYWW
    Kay (25)

  5. Can totally understand the spanners.... and they would be good paperweights ...
    Love the cards
    Christine #28

  6. It can be quite overwhelming when we have attended or taken part in an inspirational course we need a moment to process and rethink our own creativity.
    Those spanners are a work of art in themselves and must carry a good tale or two.
    Happy WoywW Tracey #7

  7. Gorgeous cards! Thanks for sharing. Have a lovely week. With love and God Bless. Caro x (#17)

  8. I get that totally - after a fabulous workshop I ALWAYS find it hard to craft! liking your cards - you've not done totally nothing then! Helen #4

  9. Hi Debbi. What lovely cards - the colours on the butterfly are spectacular. That is some spanner there on your desk - should deter all folk who would make a mess of your space:-)
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #1

  10. I agree with Christine that the spanners would make great paper weights, I use an old iron for mine. That butterfly is gorgeous. Have a great woyww, Angela x15x

  11. So glad you had a fun time at the workshop Debbie. Love the mixed media influence on those cards. Happy WOYWW. Sarah #3

  12. Sorry I’m late dear Debbie! I wonder if you could just do with some company to spark off whilst crafting every now and then...workshops are marvellous for that and I think your enjoyment of them proves that when you’re in the zone, you still love it. Perhaps have a live skype session with one of your mixed media friends? I’ve taken part in a couple of ‘live’ sessions and found it great fun. I think the cards are gorgeous..the butterfly is just beautiful, next door will love it!