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Saturday, 7 June 2014

Got asked to make two "Sorry you are leaving" cards and I do struggle with "commissions" as I never quite know what the person asking has in mind and have to tone-down my love of grunge to produce something more widely accepted.  My friend has yet to see these so still the dreaded hand over moment but I have done lots of stuff for her in the past so hope she will like these too.

 I might see if I can remove the flower and cut a new one but this time stick the papers to cardstock first as this flower just looks too flimsy to me ... just don't want to wreck the whole thing by trying to get it off! Or another thought is I might stick two patterned papers back to back ... mmmm, will ponder!
I managed to get a little toned-down grunge on here with the background of the larger tag - felt any more grunge than that would send my friend running to the hills!

I got to play with my new Tim Holtz dies with the next card and I am currently loving the mirror effect of the little tiles - it really is clear, shiny and reflective!

 The card I embossed with the clocks was a different white to the base card I used which gave me an "oh piffle" moment but I ended up pleased it was different as it meant I got a tiny, little bit of grunge onto this card too by mucky'ing it up with Black Soot Distress Ink - sorted!

(goodness knows why the bottom photo' has appeared here upside down ... I didn't take it standing on my head - honest!)

Then I made two "new home" cards ... repeat of a design I've done before so they didn't take too long.  Hardest part is remembering not to lean on your glossy accents whilst it is drying!

 The word HOME is glossy accented ... so it is very raised and, er, glossy!
The flourises around the edge have Perfect Pearls brushed over them so they have that lovely subtle sheen ... looks much more effective In Real Life than on here.

And finally daddy's Father's Day card all ready for Sunday!.



  1. Hi Debbie, lovely cards as always. Remember, your friend, who knows your 'style'- asked you to do them, so she must love what you do!. Love that Tim trellis die, I know thats going on my wish list. Re the sideways images- if you look at them in the default Windows photo viewer, they are probably like that in there. By double clicking an image, it will come up 'full screen' and at the bottom right there are clickable arrows to flip the picture a quarter tun at a time. Put them right there, and they will load the right way into blogger. You can use the left/right arrows in the bottom centre to go on to the next pic, and do the same. Then if you want, you can edit your post, remove the offending pics, and add the right ones. Hugs, Shaz xx

  2. Wow Debbie! I'm sure your leaving cards will be a hit! Love your other cards even if blogger has decided to play games! Chrisx