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Wednesday, 11 June 2014


Now you may be wondering why I am sharing my VERY chaotic crafting desk with you ... well, pop along to THE STAMPING GROUND and our wonderful host Julia to Read All About It!!!

Basically my desk is as I left it to take Nephew Number Four to college tonight and I have yet to get back to it ... was asked to make two wedding cards and the one is almost in the bag and it just awaiting the names printing out for the front but the other card has some way to go yet but kinda, sorta, maybe, know what I am aiming for which is, basically, tweaking the sorry you are leaving card from last week (they both went down well, by the way and were handed over tonight to the friend who asked me to make them) - no more stressing about those two then!

So here it is ... one heck of a messy desk and work in progress ... oh and the can of fly spray!  Was working with both sets of French doors open today and kept getting dive bombed by huge jumbo jets blue bottles and other nasty little critters!  

Happy WOYWW'ing to you and happy crafting!



  1. Okay you have me guessing Debbie what are blue bottles... other than bottles that are blue.. or hereon our beach they are a type of stinger jelly fish.. maybe an aerial form of them :D Happy WOYWW Shaz in oz.x no number yet

  2. Seems like a lot of us end up making cards for specific purposes. For OTHERS to give to yet OTHERS. Me too, this week, as you saw. :) Funny that. I bet I make more cards to give to givers than I make to give myself!

    Crafters. We are an odd lot, aren't we? :)

    Mary Anne (no number yet)

  3. You are not missing anything, Debbie. Mr Linky is obviously still on holiday with Julia, so we shall have to go it alone, like last week. We can do it. Thank you for your compliments on my ATC and for your birthday wishes, and for the lovely birthday card. Absolutely perfect! xx Maggie

  4. It's not messy, it's busy having fun creating!! I'm still coming to terms with having a tidy desk...
    Julia hasn't posted yet, so I'm just wandering around to see who has :)
    Happy WOYWW x

  5. It's a little lonely without Julia to keep us all in line; but I hope she is having lots of fun! I love your space and am so glad you shared this morning!

  6. Not sure whether you have heard but Julia is ill and Lunch Lady Jan has the info.
    I think your desk is just resting.
    Fancy not knowing what a Blue Bottle is, maybe they don't have them in Oz.
    Happy crafting, Angela @Felix the Crafty Cat http://angelacuttingandcarving.blogspot.co.uk/

  7. Hi Debbie, your desk looks pretty tidy to me :)
    Here, bluebottles (as Shaz says), don't come flying through the air. They are horrible, nasty stinging things in the ocean. They have long , thin tentacles that wrap around your skin and the pain, although not lethal, is excruciating! Now I've put you off swimming at our beautiful beaches, haven't I? :)
    BTW, I did try the NL technique with no success yet, but I've got some other ideas about that :)
    I've emailed you my address too.

  8. Hi Debbie Happy WOYWW and a big thank you for my ATC that arrived with a bundle from Julia....who we are all thinking about and miss.....we can keep this crazy thing going and pray that our dear Julia is on the mend soon. Love my ATC..cute butterflies and the sentiment is so true...step out of ones comfort zone you never know....Cheers and have a great week RobynO ps I've heard of bluebottle flies and think they maybe like our marchflies, are they big or small buzzy ones?