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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Wedding day wishes

Lil' Sis' asked me to make two wedding cards and these are the results ... she seemed pleased with them so hope the recipients also like them when she hands them over.

Both were replicating designs I had done before so came together quite well ... as usual, not 100% happy with either but hopefully nobody can see the mistakes by me!

First one used the very last little scraps of a very favourite paper of mine ... one by K&Co that I would happily buy over and over again but which is no longer available ... I know, I've searched and searched and searched for hours and hours and hours .. ok, you get my drift!  There was just enough of the one sheet to die-cut the three little butterflies and, oh, how sorry I am to see the last of that paper.  

The paper behind the hearts is VERY glittery ... photo' doesn't really show the sparkle ... really so pretty when it hits the light.

Went totally against the grain with the next one and resorted to the dreaded pink.
I hate pink.
But the white card I used for the background kinda, sorta changes colour as you waft it around and at one angle takes on such a pretty pink tinge.
However pretty it is I still hate pink.
But it did dictate what colour this card needed to be.

Despite being quite a "busy" card I do feel it lacks "something" ... wish I'd put some clear embossed flourishes or something on the background but too late now.
The little tag pulls out and I just added the date.
Have made two cards along these lines now and both times the little tag was missed and I had to point it out ... hope the bride spots it eventually!

Again the photo' is rubbish but the butterflies really sparkle when they hit the light - am not normally a sparkly, glittery person but I do quite like these papers I have to admit.

Made two simple plain white boxes for them with a co-ordinated "label" on the front and they are all ready for the big day!


  1. Beautiful cards Debbie! I adore pink - but will admit that by a whisker your first one is my fave - by a mouse's whisker!

    Hugs, Di xx

  2. They are both lovely! By another mouse whisker, I think I like the first one just a teeny bit more too ... love the glitter through the hearts!

  3. I'll even out the voting a little bit by voting for the second card, Debbie! These are both sensational, especially as I'm a CAS card maker. I'm always in awe of crafters who can apply layers effortlessly and cleanly. When I try to do it, it looks like my grandsons took turns sticking things on!!

    Having said that, I wish YOU weren't so hard on yourself. You do beautiful work! I couldn't stop staring at the tag card; can't see how anyone would miss that sweet feature!! Enjoy the weekend!! Hugs, Darnell