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Sunday, 1 June 2014


Well it took nearly all bloomin' day but the craft and sewing cupboards are now SORTED!!!!!  
Can't say the storage will work any better for me though so I just really must, must, MUST develop the habit of putting stuff away rather than shoving it in "to do properly tomorrow"!
So, for now, I have wonderfully tidy cupboards BUT will be crafting tomorrow and next week so today may well be the only time everything is where it should be.
And already I can't recall where I have put my stencils!!!!!!



  1. I find it is always fatal to have a sort out. I end up with a pile that I have no new home for !! Hugs Mrs A.

  2. Hi Debbie- every time I have a sort out, I find stuff I've forgotten about, and lose about 3 other things- usually because I've put them 'where I will remember they are!',lol. And I don't think we will ever find the perfect system- when I moved into this room, we bought all IKEA stuff, and I organised everything to be where I thought was the best, most user friendly place. Re-organised twice so far- and can see another looming. Just see it as a work in progress- we will never give up, lol. Hugs, Shaz xx

  3. You and me, both, Shaz. Geoff built me all the storage and it was done to make it as useable as possible. I am constantly reorganising. I still have not finished unpacking from last week and need to start sorting what I need for the next two Saturdays. Debbie, can you send me your tidy fairies please, I am in urgent need. Have fun trying out the Northern Lights. Bit like the Gelli plate, you cannot repeat them. Caravan is now ready for me to take it to Broad Lane to have those small bits and pieces sorted out tomorrow. Speak soon. xx Maggie

  4. HI Debbie, thanks for stopping by my WOYWW desk the other day, much appreciated! I'm the same...all that tidying and sorting in my card room and now I can't find anything, lol Carole Z X