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Friday, 16 June 2017

Powertex Ammonites

This is one of only two pieces I have managed to do since losing daddy
but oh, my, I sure did enjoy doing it

My new addiction is Powertex and it was just what I needed to get me through a couple of rotten days
I am a messy crafter but I even surprised myself with the mess I got into making this
All good fun though so not complaining

The large canvas was an old one my nephew was throwing out ... found it hard Powertex'ing over his artwork but it saved it from the dustbin!   
The little panel is a piece of fencing

Ammonites were made with paper clay - first time I have used the stuff but was pleased with the results and have since made, er, a few more fossils as I have had a couple of commissions for pieces like this.

In fact, I think my fingers might be starting to tingle right now and my mojo may be creeping back
Might just be time to get messy and see what happens!

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