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Friday, 30 June 2017

System Breakdown v.2

This may well come back to bite my wonderfully supportive friend on her bum
but when she saw the original System Breakdown piece she exclaimed
"Don't forget it is my birthday in July.  I'd love one of these!"

Well, she was either being polite or did really like it
but either way one has just been delivered ready for her birthday on Sunday

Wouldn't mind having it back if she had just been too polite to say it was awful and what on earth was I thinking ... actually do enjoy making these and need an excuse now to do more

Anyway, left more of the keyboard exposed this time
rest pretty much the same

No skill involved ... just stick a ton of old computer parts down, spritz and spray with diluted mica powders, add Finnabair's magical rust paste here and there and you are done

Hardest part is getting the wording the right size for the stupidly small frame I decided to use - note to self: use larger frame next time!

This was the original one 

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