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Friday, 16 June 2017

Daddy, Oh My Daddy

Am doing ok but some days are a struggle
Time marches on and it is twelve weeks already
Twelve weeks that have seen a rollercoaster ride of emotions
from sheer heartbreak to total, total joy when Eddie and Lucy got married
and moments of hilarity watching little Henry's antics

Life does, indeed, go on
But it sure ain't easy

Just wanted to blog daddy's finished memorial cards so I can delete them from my 'phone
Too painful to keep coming across them whilst searching for something else
Still can't believe it
Yet it feels all too real

The memorial cards seemed to go down well
People were very kind and said they liked them for being a bit different
But it was a tough day and I don't think anyone would have said otherwise
They were right for me and my sister 
and daddy would have sat watching me make them as he enjoyed his morning coffee and three Malted Milk biscuits and laugh at me turning the handle of the Big Shot ...
"You only have yourself to blame"
he would say as I complained of Big Shot Neckache

Turned the handle a lot for these
Every turn was for you daddy 

They were navy blue card 
and the little girl & balloon were embossed with clear powder
The rest I kept simple so not to put too much pressure on myself

Not quite back to crafting yet 
But do have wonderfully tidy craft cupboards!

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