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Friday, 10 August 2018

Heart of Stone

Set myself a few challenges with this one

- leave lots of white space (EEEK!)

- use pastel colours

- use Finnabair's Impasto Paints (which scare me more than the texture effect paste!!!)Art

- use one of Finnabair's texture effect paste sets (which, apart from the rust set all scare the life out of me!)

- don't use metal (failed on that one as I had to use a few metal cogs)

- don't use glass glitter, glitter, micro-beads or art stones (teeny-weeny minor fail here!)

Something very different for me and not yet quite decided if it is headed for the Box of Failures or not. 
Keep glancing up at it and thinking "oh, that's ok" and then glance again and think "oh, what was I thinking?!"

Have to admit to my feelings changing about it the moment someone walked up behind me whilst I was Being Creative and said, "you've messed that up then" ... er, actually I didn't think I had at that point!!!!

Wanted more "dripage" but couldn't get what I had in my head to work so decided to just let it be rather than risk messing it up even more

Deep breath & Finnabair's texture paste applied to the heart 
The texture you get with these pastes is amazing ... really rough and gritty

Didn't have enough mdf / chipboard cogs so used a few metal ones despite my resolve not to ... not beating myself up too much though as you can't really tell which are which

Thought this was finished last night but wasn't quite convinced & when I came down this morning and saw it on my desk it just looked dull and flat so I added a very few sequins - you know those that come in a little bag attached to a blouse that you buy and the sequins on it invariably fall off but you never bother actually opening the little bag and sewing them back on - well, I used those!  A few clear transparent but sort of shimmery ones and a few a funny shade of blue - lifted it just enough I think

Products used :
Heavy White Gesso
3D Gloss Gel
Light Paste
Impasto paint - Jade / Heather
Acrylic Paint Metallique - Crocus Fields / Frozen Berries / Dark Velvet (swoon) 
Mermaid Teal / White Pearl / Emerald Green / Ice Queen
Texture Fantasy Set - Northern Lights
Starburst Spray - Frozen Jack Frost / French Lilac Violet 
Jazzy Jivin' Purple
(you know, my friend Tim!!!)
Distress Ink Pad - Dusty Concord
Mini Stencil THMS026


  1. I love it. It is good to push your boundaries sometimes and you have resulted in a beautiful piece. Well done. What's next I wonder?

  2. Oooh, lovely, Debbie. You have such an amazing eye for what works, even if you're not sure yourself! Love & Hugs, Shaz XxX

  3. well done for challenging yourself and creating such a beautiful piece! Please don't cast it into the box of failures, for it is anything but.