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Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Meet Huxley the Hare

This is a Powertex workshop that I was booked on to attend in May with the simply lovely Annette Smythe but, of course, the virus put paid to all that!

But imagine my delight when I found out Annette had made the class available as an on-line course along with the option of also purchasing the kit 
So whilst I missed out on being in her wonderful studio and enjoying her company (and cake!) I did get to make my little hare ... he has had many names but I have finally decided on Huxley

I did struggle to get the shape of Huxley's head and it is far from resembling Annette's but I have come to quite like his quirkiness
Can't thank Annette enough for all her support as I messaged her in a panic
at least doing it on-line I had to persevere and not hand it over to her and ask her to do it for me !

At one point I did have his nose spot on but then at some stage I squished it and did not notice until it was too late to correct but, hey, who is perfect anyway and I can live with his little twitchy nose ... it's kinda cute!

This is the link that will take you to Annette's website and from her home page you will be able to find both the on-line course and the kit Annette Smythe

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