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Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Rolling Pin - altered kitchen object

Finnabair recently did a live video where she altered a little coffee pot as inspiration for us to then alter a kitchen object of our own 

 Got to admit to not being a huge fan of altering objects just for the sake of it but was mostly inspired by Finn's colour scheme and an idea came to mind 

 In the early 1980's I used to make wedding cakes so a rolling pin was forever in my hands rolling out more marzipan & icing than I care to recall So a rolling pin was just begging to be altered! 

 I made many thousands of sugar-paste flowers - represented here by the metal flowers & piped out thousands of little individual lace pieces to then be attached one-by-one to the cakes & this is represented by the real lace on the rolling pin

 They are not too visible but there are two clock hands to make note of the very many hours each cake would take and there is a little white dove hovering amongst the flowers as I went under the name "White Dove Celebration Cakes" in those days - certainly no tatteredrocks in the building! 

 I knew I wanted to keep the rolling pin looking like wood but was very keen to use Finn's colour scheme as it is totaly different to anything I would normally do - and also using her liquid acrylic paints in a new (and VERY scary) way for me. I have only used them diluted in a water spray bottle before but Finn just squeezes some out and daubs and dabs with her paintbrush and magic appears before your very eyes. My magic was less successful but I was happy with the results The lace was dyed with tea and there is a list of products used at the end of this post

FINNABAIR (Prima Marketing) 
Art Basics Gesso - Clear / White Art Basics 3D Gloss Gel / Heavy Body Gel / Soft Gloss Gel 
 Art Alchemy Metallique Acrylic Paint - Silver Spoon / White Pearl 
Art Alchemy Liquid Acrylic Paint - Burn Sienna / Carmine / Tiger Orange / Umber 
Art Alchemy Metallique Wax - White Gold Art Alchemy Matte Wax - Charcoal Black 
 Art Ingredients Micro Beads - Copper Art Extravagance Glitter Set - Luminous Mitform Castings & Finnabair metals 
Lots of random metal bits from my collection 
Wooden rolling pin 
Small wooden dove Oddments of lace, ribbons & wire 
Oh, & a teabag!