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Wednesday, 16 September 2020


 Yay!!!!  I'm here ...

... or am I?

Had SOooooo much trouble with this new blogger business and simply had to give up - if anyone is reading this then I guess I am here after all

Until yesterday when I really wanted to add some posts to my blog just for my own reference and continuity of what I get up to

Much hair pulling and uttering of really naughty swear words went on

lots of pleading with hubby whose reply each time was "all lost on me mate, I know nothing about blogging"

more pleading until he had no choice but to give in and suggest my browser (?) was too old to support the new blog thingy

he finally came from his side of the table to "take a look" & finally using his laptop I spotted a vaguely familiar format and actually managed to blog my rolling pin yesterday along with a couple of posts I had ready to publish but couldn't before now as I couldn't figure out how!

Quite why the powers in the know feel the need to change something that was working just fine for just about everyone is totally beyond me

but, right now, I must admit pretty much everything is totally beyond me

So, the point of all this drivel is to link up with Julia over at The Stamping Ground for the weekly hop around fellow crafty desks and to catch up on what we are all up to

I'm afraid I have not had time to join in for such a long time - firstly I try never to WOYWW unless I know I will have time to reciprocate any visits and secondly I worked hard to keep myself totally occupied during the first weeks & months of lockdown by doing a 15 week giveaway project

I planned on doing 12 giveaways to cover the originally suggested 12 weeks of lockdown but then figured it might go on a wee bit longer so went for 15 ... mostly for totally selfish reasons as I really became engrossed in the project and it most certainly kept me going 
Got a bit of criticism for it all of course - at the start I wondered if it might also be a distraction for others ... a sort of "goodness me, what is Debbie up to now" type of thing ... and to provide a little positivity during what were such unknown and scary times
but it backfired on me when it was suggested I had ulterior motives and was only after self-promotion ... I knew nothing was further from the truth and so tried to Move Past It and Carried on Regardless

Alas, my desk right now is somewhat bare ... inbetween projects and partly cleared away from doing my rolling pin earlier this week and partly set up for the next project ... the only dilemma being which one it will be!
Watch this space!

Apologies in advance if I do not manage to get to your desk this week .. shall try and hope it is not too different than with the old blogger 
although saying that there are a couple of deskers to whom I have found it impossible to reply as their blogs won't let me leave a comment

If I can work out how to get back to you then I certainly will


  1. Don’t worry about getting to everybody, it’s lovely to see you here and I know a lot of deskers will be very happy to see your art, regardless. I’m so glad you did Carry On Regardless, you have a right to share and give away as you see fit. Not sure I’d you’re over it though, and I wish I could say something that would convince you that the critics are just jealous. Plain jealous. Meanwhile, love the rolling pin and the story, such a great piece am sue you will smile each time you see it. I think it deserves a perch on the kitchen wall.

  2. Hi Debbie, lovely to see you back. Just ignore anyone who ever snipes at you- some people seem to live soley to be unpleasant to others!Completely agree with Julia, a lot of it is jealousy, and some people can't grasp that not everyone is as nasty/unpleasant as they are, and don't understand it. They probably bitch at all the people doing workshops/videos etc on FB too. Just keep doing what you do so well. The new Blogger is hard going, despite mine telling me for weeks I was on the *new* Blogger, I clearly wasn't as now it's all different. I think it would have been better, and helped us all, if they'd made gradual changes, rather than one big change. Still finding stuff i can't get my head round, so you're not alone! Love & hugs to you both, stay safe my lovely friend, XxXxXx Shaz #5

  3. Debbie - how lovely to see you today - I have been wondering if you were ok. Phew! And what art work!!! The items you have produced are simply stunning - you have an amazing gift. Well done you. How can some folks be so mean as to snipe at you and your work. I'm with Julia and Shaz - you have a real gift - you use it - and it is yours to keep or give and share as you see fit. Keep it up girl! It's wonderful. I only wish I knew where to even start with something as beautiful as that clock, for instance.
    This new blogger does seem to present problems, doesn't it? I think I am mightily relieved I don't use it!
    Good to have you back.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #2

  4. I had to smile at your hubbies comment, I have one here that says the same things but they are right we know far more about blogging than they do so that makes us more intelligent than them doesn't it Lol! However I know how you feel and I keep skipping back to the Classic interface though I know I will have to give in soon. Sending you a happy woyww hugs, Angela x16x

  5. it is so good to see you here, and I hope you keep at the blogging your amazing projects; but don't stress out too much about visiting if you don't get to all of us! Helen #1

  6. How wonderful to see you back on the desks today Debbie and well done for overcoming the new Blogger trials. I loved seeing your giveaways, they were so beautiful and no doubt brought joy to the lucky people who received them! The rolling pin is fabulous and, as Julia says, should be given pride of place in your kitchen.
    Hugs LLJ 7 xxx

  7. Hi! what a wonderful idea to create a project a week to give away ~ that was very thoughtful of you and ignore the nay sayers. Enjoy the rest of your week

  8. Hi Debbie, lovely to see you back .... I only got back last week after many weeks AWOL. As others have said ignore the comments - it's your craft, your creations, your blog and your choice. 'Nuff said! I've not had too many issues with the new blogger, so far, fingers crossed it stays that way! Otherwise I will call on Mr M, who will also say I know nothing about blogging, and I shall be as persistent as you till he gives in and sorts it for me lol. That's a very clear and clean desk at the moment... how long will that last?? Have a lovely week, Heather xx #11

  9. Lovely displays I see before me Debbie, the new blogger has given many of us the run around, i'm glad you managed to post today. A very sweet thought regarding your give aways they will bring many smiles to the receivers faces.
    Happy WoywW Tracey #6

  10. I'm with you when it comes to changing something that was working quite adequately...
    Loved your rolling pin and the 15 lockdown makes. I have been making sure I have daily projects to keep me going but nothing as spectacular as yours!
    Happy woyww! Susan #8

  11. Beautiful projects Debbie and so good to see you here again. I am resolutely clicking on the revert to legacy blogger every day at the moment so not having any problems. It's at the bottom of the left hand side of your dashboard. Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #3

  12. Lovely projects, keep on going. I never understand why some people feel it necessary to be mean. Life would be so much pleasanter if everyone played nicely! My husband says it is jealousy, so keep on keeping on! #27 Angela

  13. You aren’t the only one having trouble with the new blogger. Yeah, why fix something that doesn’t need fixing. I think I figured it out. Practice makes it a little easier but it is a pain. LOL. Glad you were able to post. Dorlene #24

  14. Great projects, Debbie. I can't understand people being so nasty and trying to find ulterior motives in what you do - their lives must be very bitter and impoverished if they've got nothing better to do!! I think Julia may be right in saying they are just plain jealous.

    I can really identify with you having problems with the new Blogger. I had my own personal nightmares with Blogger over a year ago and finally threw in the towel with them once and for all and decamped to Wordpress, which I have not regretted for a single moment, especially now, as I read of all the problems people are having with the new "improved" (?) Blogger. If it ain't broke, why fix it?

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #15

  15. Shaz tells me we were all on the same TH workshop 3 years ago!!

  16. Wow a collection of some amazing inspiring projects. Michelle