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Thursday, 29 May 2014

ATC's for WOYWW's 5th Anniversary

The penny dropped very late with this one ... that there would be an ATC swap for anyone wishing to participate.  The info had been there all along, of course, but I either hadn't spotted it or had dismissed it as I said I'd never get into the whole ATC thing.  But one thing I am learning is to never say never!

With yet more encouragement from MaggieC (Silvercrafter ... my real life friend as well as fellow crafter/blogger) I decided to Give-it-a-Go and then took to stressing BIG TIME about what to do.  FINALLY inspiration hit and the arrival of a new die saw me wanting to play with it immediately so, yet again, fell back the safe bet of butterflies. 

I found a quote that is particularly significant to me at the moment and went with it.  I wanted to make my ATC's as different as possible to the tags I had made for everyone at the crop but soon regretted my decision to go with a pink theme.  I don't do pink.  I hate pink. Even grunging it down it still looked way too pink for me. Did I mention I dislike pink?  

Even though they look fairly simple by the time I had finished them and was ready to throw them out I sat and thought of all the stages I'd put into them and all the ink and effort and thought it just too frivolous to start over.  Maggie asked me to show them to her and was very supportive and said they were fine .. so I figured I may as well risk public humiliation and go with them.

Saving one back for the person on the linky list after me I headed off to the crop and whilst still uncomfortable about the whole swappy-swappy thing I found it awfully addictive and am now the VERY proud owner of lots of little pieces of art that were given to me and I think I now "get" the ATC concept - who knows, I might even, one day, make more ... but can guarantee they will not be pink!

Butterflies diecut and inked and crackled using Distress Rock Candy.
I LoVe the way they curl up as they dry ... looks like they are all about to take flight.

My new Tim Holtz die had just arrived and I was NEEDING to play with it so inked some plain white card and cut out millions hundreds quite a few of the little flutterbies.  These DID take flight but only because I breathed too hard!

Backgrounds were embossed with yet more butterflies and inked pink ... why?  Why pink?  Ok, my plan was to make them as different as I could to the tags but PINK?

 Picked my favourite font and printed out the quote and then trimmed the edges with yet another Holtz die and inked it to make it stand out from the background a bit better.  Then an assembly job putting them all together.

The quote says
"Until you spread your wings you'll never know how far you can fly"

I do have a couple left if anyone would like one ... first come, first served ... just shout up (no swap necessary ... am happy to RAK you one!)


  1. Ah realy clever Debbie.. must admit wasn't that organised but really enjoyed the stages... with great result!. could've called your post I dont like pink :) happy WOYWW5. Shaz in Oz #18

  2. Hi Debbie- that must be another reason for friendship- I LOATHE pink! But your pinks do have added grunge, to take away the total pinkness, :). Very, very rare I use it, I'm always saying I do NOT do pink!lol. Funnily, I always struggle if I absolutely have to use it- baby girl cards for instance. I know I could use something different, but people expect pink for a girl. Heaven knows why, with any luck she'll grow up to be a goth, rofl! Hugs, Shaz xx

  3. Hi Debbie, I have just found your blog via Stamping Ground and must say I love your butterflies! I haven't tried crackle glaze but it looks fantastic stuff, I may just have to indulge!
    Oh, Shaz - my grandson always chooses the pink plastic cup for his drink lol.....x