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Wednesday, 21 May 2014


Well I'm here ... a bit battered and bruised ... but here.  No WOYWW photo to speak of as a couple of unexpected days in hospital has left me a bit sideswiped but as I am DETERMINED to make it to the crop on Saturday I have only a photo of a list of Stuff-I-Must-Not-Forget-To-Take to share.

Of course, remembering what to actually put on the list is something of a challenge in itself as I rarely, if ever, craft anywhere other than at home and having found the only two workshops I ever attended quite traumatic I said I'd never attend a workshop or crop again.  It is mostly thanks to MaggieC (Silvercrafter) that I am going to the WOYWW crop ... just need to regain a bit of strength and I will be there!

So will keep this brief as I need to Make More Lists of Stuff Not To Forget and to start gathering stuff together.  All this can so better be explained by heading over to The Stamping Ground HERE and, all being well I am so looking forward to meeting those of you who are going on Saturday!  

Is that "plastic dish for water" I can see at the bottom of my list?  What on earth will I need that for?  Absolutely no idea why I put that down!


  1. WRONG, Debbie. You will not go round gathering stuff. You will relax and delegate the running round. Save all your energies for getting better. You can sit in whichever room has to be searched and direct operations. As far as crafty things are concerned, if you forget something, you can always borrow from the rest of us. All you need to remember are those lovely ATCs you made. All the rest is fun and chatter from all I have been told. You can have a go with my Gelli plate anyway In fact, you can just sit there and pull prints all day if you want to - loads of backgrounds and things to play with later then.. Hope you are feeling a lot better this morning. xx Maggie #35

  2. Good morning. Can't believe it's Wednesday again already! Hope you feel better soon and that you have a good time at the crop.

    Hope you have a good week too.
    Neil #40

  3. Sorry to hear you are under the weather and hope you are feeling better soon. Have a great week and happy crafting, Angela x 41

  4. Ha ha I'm a list maker too! And sometimes I can't understand my writing! Patsy

  5. Sorry you've been under the weather recently, and hope that the crop is just what the doctor ordered! Have a great time, and a good week. Chris # 17 xx

  6. Hope you get feeling better, sounds like a good crop might be a welcome relief... Sending get well hugs!

  7. Battered and bruised oh my. I think you should first get better by taking good care of yourself...you need to be nurtured so you will heal quickly...bekind to yourself, the rest will all work out. I wish I could join in on the crop.
    Carole #52

  8. Hi Deb, really pleased we will be able to meet up- so glad you are feeling well enough. As Marg said, if you forget something, the chances are someone else will have it. Add paper/cardstock to your list, as there will be loads of dies to get die cuts from. I'm taking mine, and so are others. I came away with a great assortment last year. Haven't even started packing yet, lol. Thats tomorrow mornings job. See you Saturday, Hugs, Shaz xx

  9. Hi Debbie it was lovely to meet you today,hope you thoroughly enjoyed yourself. Hugs Shaz xx

  10. It was fabulous to meet you (yesterday, now!) hope you got home safely and had fun - after your experiences before I hope you now realise sometimes crops are FUN!! Hope to see you again. Helen no8

  11. Lovely to meet you yesterday - never had chance to look at your ATC at the crop but gathered all my swaps together today and .... wow! what a gorgeous ATC! Thank you ever so much. Lots of inspiration there.
    Take care
    Bishopsmate #75