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Friday, 2 May 2014

It's back! It's back!

Oh thank goodness for that!  It's back!!!  My crafting mojo is back!!!!!

About bloomin' time I have to say and just in the nick of time to get some stuff underway and having no idea what to actually do I just got out some items from my craft cupboard (still too cold to work out in The Hut) and started to play and once I got going there was no stopping me and it was very late to bed last night.

First of all I was asked to make a "gift voucher" by my niece-in-law whom is a very talented photographer ... someone is giving her wedding photography as a present and needed a voucher to actually hand over.  

This spurred me onto doing any sort of crafting at all in quite a while and this is what I came up with.  Thank goodness for instant messaging on Facebook so I could keep sending her photo's of what I was doing and tweaking it as we went along! 

Decided it needed presenting in a box so made one too.

Next I decided to resort to my much favoured and preferred grunge style (Tim Holtz has a lot to answer for) and do what I love and enjoy doing the most.

Just sneaky peeks for now as they are maybe heading to a certain crop that is happening towards the end of the month!

Once these are finished I need to turn my attention to making my first EVER ATC's for Julia's anniversary over at The Stamping Ground.  Stress levels are high as I've never even given ATC's much of a thought before ... have bowed down in admiration of all those I have seen on-line and in blogs and so on but they are new to me otherwise.  So, no actual idea yet on what I will make but with my newly returned mojo I am sure something will come to me!

Now, where was I?  Oh yes, back to getting wonderfully inky fingers. 

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