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Wednesday, 7 May 2014


Just a very quickie today as time is against me!

Can't show much of what I have been up to as It's A Secret but was dying some ribbon on Monday and had quite an Ooooops! moment when it burst into flames as I was drying it with my heat gun ... obviously more patience required.

I wanted it ALL to crumple and crinkle and look tatty and mangled but do you think I could get it to do any of that?  Only the two pieces at the front half-heartedly joined in whilst the rest refused to play and remained really rather flat ... so, flat ribbon it will be then!

Typical though, isn't it?  You can rummage around in your ribbon box and the one little piece you have that is just right for your project is the one all screwed up at the bottom and NOTHING will straighten it out ... then the moment you WANT it crumpled ... GGgrrrr!!!!

And the reason for showing you my workdesk can be explained HERE and is all thanks to the WoNdErFuL Julia over at The Stamping Ground.

Happy WOYWW'ing everyone!  


  1. Wow! I didn't know the heat gun could catch something on fire like that. Know what you mean about the ribbon. Looking forward to seeing the finished project as I am intrigued. Diane #52

  2. Oh goodness, didn't realize that it got that hot to cause something to burst into flames. I will have to be more careful.
    Happy WOYWW! #69

  3. Oh my! Love the colors they were changed to! I never heard of them bursting to flames so glad I read this so I can be more mindful as I never thought of it. I use seambinding and that works great to crinkle with distress and water and a heat gun. Oh boy! Never boring in crafty land! Winnie #50

  4. Your place sounds like a dangerous place to play LOL! Hope you got over the shock ok, and that the rest of the week goes a lot better. Hugs, Chris # 47

  5. Crikey, who knew crafting could be so dangerous! Hope you have more success with your ribbons. Have a great week and try and keep your para-manic tendencies to a minimum! Ela #90

  6. You buy too good a quality of ribbon missus!! It has taken a lovely colour I must say. Despite the apparent danger, it was worth it!