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Monday, 9 March 2020

Barely a tag in sight!

Wasn't going to blog these at all but al the photos are clogging up my mobile and ipad so I figured if I put them on here then I can zap them to free up space!

These are a bunch of cards I made last year for my friend who raises funds for the RNLI and ... 
SHOCK! ... HORROR! ...
I actually made "proper" cards that open rather than my much preferred tag style cards
I knew my tags would not appeal to the masses so figured I'd best make cards that might ... hence the very different styles for me and out-of-my-comfort-zone colours

I managed to make 100 cards to send to her and feel sure there must be 99 of them left unsold but, hey, I did enjoy making them

Won't go into specific details as they are all pretty straightforward and self-explanatory to any card maker so this is very picture heavy but does save you reading all my ramblings

Ok - so a couple of tags snuck in there ... but I did use them on the fronts of opening cards so they don't count!

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