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Wednesday, 25 March 2020


Well proof, if ever proof were needed, that I have not staged these desk shots today
because if I had I would have tidied up what is in the background
Afraid tidying is not a huge priority right now as emotions are running high and everything seems more effort than normal
I know we are all feeling pretty much the same - it's all a bit of an adjustment, isn't it?

Want to see more workdesks?  Then you can visit lots all courtesy of our Julia over at The Stamping Ground

I plan on altering the bobbin today
my friend haggled for six of them on a well known site and we split them between us ...  they are most tingleworthy!

I planned on doing the bobbin yesterday but wanted to do a rainbow for our window - it was mostly done to make great-nephew Henry (five today!!!) smile when he comes to wave through the window but hopefully it will make others smile too

It is far too bright for my liking but I decided not to lighten it because it is intended to be seen from a distance through the window

Finnabair for Prima Marketing -
Art Basics  : 3D Gloss Gel / Heavy Body Gel / Clear Gesso
Art Alchemy : Acrylic Paint 
Royal Red / Fresh Orange / Pure Sunshine / Dark Forest / Midnight Sky
Crocus Fields / White Pearl
Art Alchemy Acrylic Paint : Sparks Raven Black
Tim Holtz (Ranger) Distress Ink Spray
Candid Apple / Spiced Marmalade / Squeezed Lemonade / Peeled Paint
Stormy Sky / Dusty Concord

And finally ... finished the violin mentioned in last week's WOYWW
it is blogged in a separate post for anyone interested

Wishing you all a happy WOYWW and sending extra love and hugs !


  1. Love the rainbow Debbie, I am sure it will make Henry smile. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #10

  2. Hi Debbie. A great way to say happy birthday. Hope Henry is still giving you a daily kiss through the window! Yes, it is a difficult time emotionally - it is taking time to adjust to the new normal. I sit and weep after I have been in touch with my family or my church family!
    Take care of yourself. Stay safe. God bless you.
    Margaret #8

  3. I like your take on the window rainbow - it's really different and just as beautiful. I'm sure Henry will love it! That bobbin is gorgeous, I can see why you and your friends bid for it, I'll look forward to seeing what you get up to with it...it'll be just as amazing as that violin - wow!
    Hugs LLJ 2 xxx

  4. Hi Debbie, LOVE the rainbow,a fab take on the idea. I'm sure it will brighten up everyones day who sees it. Adore what you did with the violin, truly gorgeous. Look forward to the bobbin post. Huge hugs to you both, Stay safe,Have a good week,Shaz #1 X

  5. Enjoy playing with the bobbins. Your rainbow for the window is just Gorgeous - the brighter the best - I expect anyone who sees it will smile. Take Care and keep safe. soojay #21

  6. oh your rainbow is delightful indeed! I can't believe Henry is 5 already - where does the time go - which hopefully means the next few months won't drag quite as slowly as I fear they will! thanks for dropping by! Helen #5

  7. There certainly is plenty to smile about here, great projects. Take care, keep safe and craft on. Sending hugs, Angela x3x

  8. Oh I think it is gorgeous in the beautiful rainbow colours. Love the violin as well. Stay safe and keep crafting.
    Sandra de @6

  9. How like you to make a creative and beautiful rainbow...mine is actually a series of little rainbow stickers stuck down to make a big rainbow. I think its been a marvellous help in keeping interest whilst out walking, showing the kids that its not just them. I love the shot of your desk ‘with background’ and I totally understand why you aren’t in the mood to tidy up. I suspect you’ll have started on the bobbin by now because I’m so late...sorry. I genuinely think it has something to do with having more time...that hour and half or so I spend with my sweet mama at the care home every day is being taken up by something but I cant quite tell you what!! Henry at 5, goodness me how that has flown by, that little Apple didn’t fall far from the tree did it! The violin Debbie..WOW. You are so patient and loving and that shows in your art, it really is a beauty. Hope you enjoyed every minute of doing it. WOw.

  10. I love the idea of putting such a beautiful rainbow in the window. My hubby tells me people are putting candles in their windows at night, too - lovely for anybody out and about to see and be encouraged. As for tidying up, I'm afraid I'm NEVER in the mood to tidy up lol!! My hubby used to be the untidy one, and I was always the neat freak but these days our roles have become somewhat reversed... I love your beautiful mixed media pieces.

    Keep safe and well, and happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #35

  11. Thank you for your return visit, Debbie, and I'm sorry you are struggling at the moment. I think we've just got to batten down the hatches for the duration and try and keep calm... At least we've got the Internet and can still be in touch with loads of people so there's lots of encouragement available out there! I am fortunate in being more or less 100% housebound so the lockdown isn't affecting me as much as it does many - my hubby pops out for any food if I can't get it delivered. I am surrounded by all the things I need and love, and with the added bonus of having my hubby around all the time instead of his usual gadding about here there and everywhere, and me not knowing where he is half the time! I am sure this will all pass before too long and we'll be able to get back to some sort of normality, even if it's a new normal. I love your rainbow! Turn it round sometimes so you can look at it, too!

    I'm so glad you like my Celtic knot experiments and my bunting, and also that you enjoyed reading my post. We are all here for each other.

    Shoshi x

  12. The rainbow will make everyone smile Debbie and we need many smiles right now. You'll have lots of fun with those mediums, how lucky we are as crafter's to have so many things to occupy our *extra* time. Stay safe Tracey #19 x
    P.S Love the mixed media violin!!