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Friday, 20 March 2020

The violin's ringing like lovely song

Except this one isn't of course
 for it has a new song to sing now

It was in an awful state, destined never to be played again and, being pretty certain it is not a Stradavarius , I arted it up

I had quite a clear plan in my head (as one of the photo's will show) and intended it to be like the night sky with the moon and the stars
Changed my mind but had no option than to leave the stencilled stars in the background ... would rather they have been something else but just had to go with them so am embracing the change of  design

Once ready to colour I found myself automatically reaching for my usual choices ... the background was already blue at this stage ready to become the night sky so another coat of gesso was required
and back to black it went

I gave myself a good talking to and put my much favoured blues and greens and purples back and picked my second most disliked colour ... YELLOW ... but kept the green adding to it a much brighter shade of green than I would normally use - had to add in a touch of my favourite copper but still no blue!!

From there I just kept layering and tweaking and layering some more until I felt happy with the colours

After quite a bleak period of no such artwork on my desk I did really enjoy doing this and am fairly happy with how it turned out
and it is not very often at all you will hear me say that!

 THREE coats later ...

Forgot to take a photo showing all the stencilled stars on the top and back but managed to remember in time to get a photo of them on the sides

Changed my mind about the moons and just about managed to pull them off
they had been left to dry overnight and I have to confirm what I know already - that Finnabair's Heavy Body Gel takes some beating - once it is stuck then it is stuck and I had to tear the base to get them off

Then I just kept adding bits here and there until I felt I  was happy with the composition
Never sure if I love or hate this stage
Stick this bit here ... stick another there ... don't like it so take it off again and move it somewhere else
Think I have it sorted - go to the loo & come back and utter a very colourful word like
Oh Blow!
and tweak it some more
finally decide it will do

Think the stars look stupid at this stage

So here it is all finished ... it will do!

Yes, I know these should be - and were - on the back of the ... of the what?  Whatever that bit you hold is called - my violin playing nephew suggested the scroll or neck
Anyway - I thought them far too interesting to be stuck at the back so artistic license came into force and I moved them to the front

At the end of it I don't think the stars look too bad - don't really fit the new theme but as I have no idea what that new theme turned out to be I guess that's ok!

Finnabair for Prima Marketing  :
Art Basics Heavy Gesso - black
Art Basics Modelling Paste
Art  Basics Heavy Body Gel
Art Basics  3D Gloss Gel / Soft Gloss Gel
Art Ingredients Mica Powders - Sunny Yellow / Bottle Green / Copper
Art Alchemy Metallique Wax - Mint Sparkle / Vintage Gold / Bronze Age / White Gold / Aged Brass
Art Alchemy Opal Magic Wax - Green Brocade / Vintage Sik
Art Ingredients - Glass Glitter - Goldrush / Micro Beads - Bronze
Mechanicals - Sentiment plaque & some of the metal bits

Tim Holtz Stampers Anonymous Stencil - THS115 (stars)
Powertex - Wooden flourishes
Samantha K Elegant Mixed Media Frames - Medium / Small

Lindy's Stamp Gang Spray - Drop Dead Gorgeous Green
Perfect Pearls Mists - Sour Apple / Kiwi / Sunflower Sparkle

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