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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Progress ... of sorts!

Well, the company from whom I purchased my Vagabond have been brilliant and it is being replaced without hesitation and I spoke to their representative from Sissix today and they are arranging for it to be collected on Monday and when I asked if anything had been done to modify the obvious fault I didn't really get the answer I wanted but was assured the same problem wouldn't occur.  So here's hoping!  
At least I have found out that the dies I have bought for the Vagabond are compatible with the Big Shot and the company I dealt with have said they could arrange for me to have a Big Shot as a replacement instead of another Vagabond but I have decided to give the Vagabond another go and if I have further trouble then I will most likely swop.
Annoyingly the new dies I ordered yesterday arrived bright and early this morning so all I could do was open the packet and stroke them lovingly ... typical though, isn't it!
Progress of sorts has been made with Plan B for the cards for January and whilst not completely happy with the results they will have to do.  Trouble is, I am not a "to-doer" and half of me want to bin the lot but the other half of me says nobody knew what I had planned in my head (I don't know myself half the time anyway!!!!) so might find these acceptable.
As soon as I find the cable thingy to link my mobile to the laptop I will post photo's (I put it somewhere safe after WOYWW'ing yesterday!!)


  1. Glad that you got a result on your Vagabond repalcement but know how frustrating it can be waiting to get started on your new dies. Also have the same problem with putting things away in safe places. Just spent the last 2 days going through countless boxes of stash looking for the packet of Woodware book rings that I bought just before Christmas. Came to the conclusion that they had been in advertantlythrown out in the bin when I found them in a shoe box by the side of my desk!!! Hugs Mrs A.

  2. ah glad to hear - as you say progress of sorts! Shaz in oz.x