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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Worms and Vagabonds

11 worms done but such sore finger-tips so time for a little break ... the worms are for my sister to use at the nursery where she works and for the kids to play outside with!  Give them real worms I say ... or is that cruelty to worms?  Probably!
I take back what I said about the delivery of my replacement Vagabond ... it's here!  Just need the courage now to plug it in as all that smoke with my old one was really quite scary.
Watch this space or listen out for the fire brigade!


  1. Here's hoping there is no smoke, no fire, and no fire brigade. Although, they might be kind of dreamy to look at... no, no, I take it back, a working Vagabond is much better.

  2. Pray all is well for Vagabond number two at your house and crafty joy in safely for years to come, Shaz in oz.x

  3. Good luck with the new Vagabond. I know what you mean about being nervous to plug it in. Just make sure Phil is standing by with the fire extinguisher, and never leave the room with it switched on. I had a panic yesterday, as my crafting computer threw a wobbly and came up with the blue screen of death, finally sorted it two hours later. Thanks for your comments on the rosettes. I did not even bother to score them, I just sat and concertina folded them by hand. Have fun with your new baby today. xx Maggie