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Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Well, first WOYWW of the new year and I've made it!!!!  Alas, not much yet to show on my workdesk as I am a bit slow getting going today but it is going to be a Tim Holtz / Cosmo Cricket day with stamping and embossing and inky fingers and string and ... well, Wednesdays don't get much better than this really!
You can just about see my "list of cards for 2012" under my scissors and can report that for the first time in a VERY long time the first cards of January were posted in good time to arrive on time and not with an "oops forgot to post" message scribbled on the back so now I just need to get going and get cards done for the rest of January.  Easier said than done because the idea I had in my head for this year's cards has yet to work out quite as I'd hoped and I had to send the first four cards of this year without me being entirely happy with them.  A day of tweaking then and hopefully improving the design so it turns out more like I imagined.  IF I am more happy with the results I will post finished cards later ... if not then you will get a photo' of a blank table or a pile of torn up failures!
 I knew I wanted to use "calendar blanks" on the cards for this year but did not fancy using shop-bought ones and knew if I printed them myself I would have trouble inking them as inkjet ink always smudges so I printed them onto acetate and the date of each person's birthday is in red and there is a little Happy Birthday message  personalised for each person along the bottom ... at least this way I can utilise the colour of the paper showing through the acetate and not have to worry about inking my calendars!  I love using string although it horrifies most people I know so have used that to "tie" the acetate to the backing.
Well, blogging away here is not getting those cards made so am off to see if I can tweak my ideas into something I am happy with.  Not holding out too much hope as my mojo has not yet fully returned and it feels a bit of an uphill battle at the moment.
Now, hang on - can't you actually buy birthday and anniversary cards from shops?  You know, all ready made and just needing signing ... might just be the better option!  ;)  


  1. Nah theres nothing like a handmade card,Something personal .It shows the sender has put time and effort into creating something sometimes better than a present!Have funyou seem organized more than i am!
    judex 10

  2. Mm so know what you mean about about trying to get a card done - funny how some just fall into place.. and others struggle amazingly with it! love string so not horrified you are using it! thanks so much for sharing. Happy WOYWW! Love, Shaz in Oz. x #24

  3. No, it has to be handmade cards. As you can see from my blog, I work in a completely different way, and each birthday/anniversary card is different. T some extent, I try to tailor each one to the recipient, but it depends also on what I have been playing with throughout the year. Bad luck with your Vagabond blowing up - not a good advert. I think I will stick to the Cuttlebug and the Silhouette for my cutting and embossing etc. Happy New Year, Debbie. xx Maggie #73

  4. Bought cards are what everyone else gets me, but now members of the family, are looking and thinking, wow those are boring, no stuff, no dimension, lol, I'll get them crafting yet!!


    Lou WOYWW

  5. No must be handmade, much better, let us see your finished result I'm sure it will be lovely, Hugs May x x x x x

  6. Has to be hand made! I guess this was posted before the plume of black smoke? Still shuddering here! Di xx

  7. Defintiely has to be hand-made, so don't give up now. Sounds as though you have made a good start anyway. how very organised to have a birthday card list drawn up. Kate x

  8. The trouble is, once you have been cardmaking for a while, you feel like you'd be insulting someone if you bought one, lol. Happy new Year, Shaz x

  9. Great idea to make calendar birthday cards for people,why don't I come up with with good ones like that??? Sorry to hear about your vagabond, I know of some other crafters something like this, or other bad things, have happened to and they've had to send them back. Hope it gets sorted quickly.

    Brenda 76

  10. Great idea to use calendars on the cards and the acetate sounds as if it will work well - I've just seen your post above - not good to have smoke coming from the machine - glad they will replace, but shame you've got to wait (Hazel, WOYWW 108) x

  11. It must be handmade, like your acetate idea. A friend of mine had this trouble with the vagabond - they replaced it and the second one was fine. Good luck

  12. Doesn't horrify me that you use string, sounds funky! Am late enough to have read about the Vagabond - OMGee what a scare...I am really pleased to read that it's being taken care of efficiently. What's the obvious design flaw then..I don't have one and actually, haven't seen one in use either!

  13. Sh.... your string secret is safe with me. I use embroidery floss quite often and boring old yarn other times. Great idea about printing the calendars on transparencies. Belated WOYWW and ohmygawd! about the Vagabond. That's scary.

  14. Great idea printing on transparencies :) Goodluck getting your mojo on. Thanks for sharing!

    Katie (138)