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Wednesday, 4 January 2012


What a morning!  Finally got going with the cards and nipped out to use my beloved Vagabond machine only to have thick black smoke pour from it the moment I plugged it in!  Didn't even use it ... can still taste the smoke now and I feel very sick.
Have contacted the company I bought it from and heard back almost immediately ... evidentally they will send a courier out to collect it and bring me a new one but it won't be for one or two weeks!
So now I have had to go to Plan B and re-think my cards entirely and I'm not quite sure yet what Plan B actually is.
Time for a cup of coffee and a chocolate biscuit I think ... far too much excitement for one morning.


  1. ah so sorry to hear this and it is not the first sorry tale with the Vagabond - seems to delight in living up to his name - all the best with plan B!
    I would dig out some papers that have been ling neglected and use them, if any embossed ones so much the better...not knowing your stash hard to suggest, but that is what I did before my Cuttlebug. I have made card since childhood only bug for two years so that is lot of years with no machine, Shaz in oz.x

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  3. Oh dear, what a disaster, I would not be a happy Chappie at all if that happened to me!! Compensation? I would be pushing for something from them!! especially, if from the previous comment, that it seems to be a known fault, they shouldnt be sending stuff out, if it happens with any regularity!!

    Lou WOYWW

  4. You are quite right Shaz and I have put my "before-Vagabond" head on ... just annoying when I've spent a small fortune on dies to use with it and now have to sit looking at them and, to be honest, I have lost a little confidence in the machine now and shall worry about using the replacement! Thanks Shaz! xXx

  5. Aw chick - not good about the Vagabond at all :( Hope it gets sorted out soon for you. Yesterday would be good huh? Di xx