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Sunday, 19 May 2019

Drastic Action !!!

Spent ages getting a really lovely Powertex Stone Art layer down on my little canvas
Was really pleased with it too - not something you hear me say very often!

So what do I do?
Go and wreck it of course

Had half an idea of where I was heading but sure did get lost along the way
Ended up with one almighty mess

So ... after many tweaks and left with the only choice of painting it all over and re-colouring (my lovely Stone Art layer is now completely obliterated by the way!) or ...

OR taking the scissors to it and trying to save the ammonites ... again, for once, I was really happy with the composition of them and having spent ages first making the clay and then making the ammonites themselves I hoped I could save them

Off to hubby in the garage with the request to "please remove the staples from the back of the canvas"
And then lots of tugging and pulling and snipping until I had the ammonites and a heap of wrecked canvas

Good job I did not sleep on it and attack it the next day because the very nature of Powertex is it dries ROCK HARD and no way would that canvas had come apart had I thought about it

Photos show the various stages of deconstruction ...

Photo on left - a lesson in how not to produce a piece of work
Photo on right - unstapled and prised from the frame
BUT - look at that frame!!!!  Was inspired the moment I saw it!!


Next two photos are the horrible bits cut from around the ammonites ... but, upon reflection, they might have been ok on a different project but too late - are now confined to the dustbin

 Eventually I had the ammonites just about holding together in one piece and a heap of wrecked canvas from around them

Remember the frame to which the canvas had been attached?  it sent me in a different direction to the one I had planned but what a find!

I took a small canvas board and put several Stone Art layers over it and the frame and then strengthened the back of the ammonites with strips of fabric and Powertex so it became quite a solid and strong piece

Not sure I am entirely happy with the result but something was salvaged from an utter disaster

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