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Tuesday, 28 May 2019

One swallow does not a summer make ...

... or is it a swift?
Really REALLY dislike summer so it doesn't really matter either way
Love little birdies though so guess it all balances out

Good job it is only spring then
But then I really REALLY dislike spring too
but don't get me started on all that!

This was intended to be a tryptich but it just wasn't working out
so I ditched two of the panels and have already painted them black so I can reuse them
Shame to hide the gorgeous green icing paste but I'd never want three pieces with the same background ... unless the tryptich idea had worked of course

The heart is based on a FB Live that Finnabair did not so long ago
But I have done lots of hearts in the past and they were starting to get some quite negative feedback so I didn't want to leave it just as a heart

So I added it to the wooden panel and balanced it out with a couple of smaller accents

Had a meltdown over the colours
I don't do bright colours
But guess they do make a change
And hubby did say "are you doing something bright for a change?"

Products used :
All are Finnabair for Prima Marketing

Art Basics - Heavy White Gesso / Soft Gloss Gel / Heavy Body Gel
Art Extravagance - Icing Paste : Lucky Emerald
Stencil - Iris
Stamp Set - Wild and Free
Art Alchemy - Liquid Acrylic Paint : 
True Yellow / Tiger Orange / Carmine / Umber / Burnt Sienna
Various metal embellishments from Finnabair and Mitform Castings

Other bits & bobs :
 wooden plank / cheesecloth or gauze / paper flowers 
offcuts of patterned papers / script stamp

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