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Wednesday, 22 May 2019


Just the most huge CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS to our much loved Head Desker, Julia, on reaching the incredible achievement of ten years of Wednesday desk sharing!!!  

Bet she hadn't a clue that here she would be having seen so many new friendships forged and old ones cemented across the world during the ten years of blog hopping.

WELL DONE dear friend for  you truly deserve all the flag waving and cheering and love heading your way today!

Will keep this short and sweet, which is just the way Julia likes it ... if you are new to the WOYWW concept then you can Read All About It here at The Stamping Ground

Thought I'd share a different  view of my desk today ...and I haven't even cleared up to make it look all organised and neat and tidy ... it is as I left it when I called it a day BUT everything has now been put away ready to start on the next project ... whenever that may be.  

Nothing of any great interest I'm afraid ... you can see a finished piece bang in the centre ... a piece I was enjoying doing and was actually quite pleased with how it was going - until I did my usual thing of wrecking it by not being able to translate what was in my head to the canvas.  Am not being hasty for at the moment it is heading for the Box of Failures or I might try prising off the bit that went wrong, but am going to live with it for a few days.

The heat gun and the hair dryer are the biggest clue to the medium I was using - Powertex again!    

On the right is my new trolley - FINALLY got round to improving the storage of all my spray inks.  Each of the three layers are almost full so quite where I am going to squeeze the rest of the Oxides when they are released is beyond me.  I have decided that as I use up each of the Perfect Pearl sprays I will not replace them so will just have to re-jiggle the layers a bit.

You can just about make out my ATC for the swap but it is disguised so not as to spoil the surprise.    
I won't be at the crop on Saturday - after much thought, lots of tears and massive disappointment I shall be with you only in spirit.  
I have made ATC's though and they are already with my very dear friends, Shaz & Doug, who are bringing them along for me and Julia is being ATC monitor so do please take one if you would like one - no swap back is necessary!

So here is wishing each and every WOYWW'er a very happy 10th anniversary!


  1. Oh what a disappointment, I thought you were going to be at the crop. Ah well, you are there in spirit.
    Hope you manage to rise the offending piece off your work or learn to live with it - just don't designate it to the bin.
    Hugs, Neet 18 xx

  2. Super view of your desk, Debbie! Love the projects on the wall and I'm excited to be getting one of your ATCs!

  3. Happy anniversary, so glad we 'meet' almost every Wednesday. I feel blessed to be part of this crafty, creative, nice and supporting online tribe and I love visiting your desk... that trolly is filled up nicely, wowzah, that's a lot of spray inks!! Enjoy your day! Hugs and kisses from the Netherlands. Marit #17

  4. I know it must be a disappointment to miss the swap, but I'm sure you will be there in spirit.

    Your desk looks great and I love seeing all those sprays. It really looks quite handy, too. Happy 10th from # 4.

  5. Well, I for one, am very grateful that our paths crossed Debbie - you're a lovely person and our friendship is true. Thank you also for all the beautiful items that you send which helps me to raise money for the RNLI, it is much appreciated. Believe me when I say we'll be raising a glass to you at the Crop xxx
    Happy 10th WOYWW

  6. Hi Debbie, sad you won't be there in person, but you know we'll all know you're there in spirit. Reorganising stash seems to be an ongoing thing, I agree. I'll be putting you an ATC in the post, my lovely friend. Love and hugs to you both, Shaz #7 XxXxXx

  7. Hi Debbie, back again. It's fine,doesn't matter how early I had them. If you're playing with the AI's, have you tried using a straw to blow the ink around on the Yupo, after adding Blending solution to the paper first? Gets amazing results. Also, do you know you can use 90% Isopropyl Alcohol with them? I get a big bottle off EBay. If you use that, you can put it in a mister bottle, which gives other results too. You just can't use the Real Blending Solution in a mister.
    Love & Hugs, Shaz X

  8. My plan is to get round everyone today to wish them a very happy 10th anniversary and to thank you for your friendship and lovely comments over the years.
    Sorry you can't make it to the crop.
    Annie x #10

  9. Happy 10th Anniversary Debbie, a lovely side show of your creative space. I rarely get chance to tidy mine as i'd planned to keep it but i've vowed myself a Summer clean up keeping my fingers crossed for some sunny outdoor crafting days. Thanks for sharing WoywW Tracey #9

  10. Hi Debbie, Lovely busy desk.

    I can't make the crop either, but we can be thinking of everyone.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy 10th Anniversary WOYWW
    Sue #10

  11. So sad that you wont be at the crop, but we will all be thinking of you. Happy 10 year WOYWW anniversary. Have a great week. Love & God Bless, Caro x (#27)

  12. I am so sorry you won't be at the crop, but do understand and we will miss you. Please let me have your address and I will send you an atc, it's the least you deserve! helenlindfield@hotmail.co.uk Thanks for stopping by and sharing your desk before you tidied - go Debbie!! lots of love Helen #1

  13. Happy 10 year WOYWW anniversary! I like the way you organized your sprays. Dorlene #39

  14. Hi there. Your desk etc looks very organised. Happy WOYWW. You are my PIF partner could you please let me know your address. Anne x #24

  15. Hi Debbie, your desk looks super organised - the trouble with storage is the constant 'jiggling' as stock levels change LOL. I get a bit stressed out if I can't fit everything in together (which is odd when half the time it is all strewn around the desk willy nilly). Happy 10th Anniversary, Cindy #44

  16. Hi Debbie, Powertex is good for me! I'm really late as I was forced to go out with friends today to drink coffee and eat scones.... I could hardly say no! but it has made me late getting round. Wishing you a lovely woyww and a happy creative week with hugs, Angela x19X

  17. Hi Debbie, oh that looks like a smart way to corral all those little bottles of happiness :) Happy Anniversary! ~Stacy #37

  18. Happy 10th WOYWW birthday Debbie. I will send you a tag via Shaz and Doug. So sorry that you won't be able to make the crop...one day... Love the new storage. i couldn't be without mine and they are both full lol. Sarah #3

  19. I love the look of your workspace, apart from being so tidy and organised I am loving the wall with the words and all the interesting pieces of art hanging and leaning against it - I just need a closer nosey at them!!
    Happy 10th Anniversary,
    Diana x #22

  20. Hi Debbie, sorry I am late visiting. Happy 10th WOYWW anniversary. Aww, sad that you can't make it to the Crop. I would have loved to meet you in person. Maybe next time! I love all the pieces on your wall - I have one small wall in my craft room that I could "arrange" things on, just not decided what should go up there yet. Maybe my summer craft project. Thanks for stopping by my blog, please send me your address and I can post an ATC to you. Have a lovely week, Heather x #30

  21. So sad we wont see you ..... If it's transport that's the problem we can give you lift there and back......
    Love that you are still having those powertex moments!!
    have a good week
    Christine #40

  22. Happy 10th! I say if you can't make a mess you can't make anything! Robyn 6

  23. Sorry you are missing the crop, Debbie. I never manage to get to one unfortunately. We are all there in spirit though! I have an artist friend who has recently been departing somewhat from oils and acrylics and exploring mixed media and she's really into powertex. It sounds a lot of fun! Is it very messy to do?

    Thank you for your visit and for your sweet comment. I am so glad you like the watch I got for my hubby. Can you not persuade yours that it would really give you pleasure to give him something special? That way, his refusal might be turned round if he realised it was not making you happy!! After all 70 is a big milestone birthday and it's nice to celebrate and have something lasting as a token of it. Happy Ruby wedding to you both, too! Ours is 33 years tomorrow.

    So glad you like my slippers! As soon as I'm feeling a bit better I must crack on with them and get them finished.

    Thank you for your understanding words about my PIP claim. It's an absolute pain and the stress is definitely taking its toll on me at the moment. My wonderful hubby said blow the cost and we can sell stuff later, and we should just go for it and get the funky power chair - he said that I need some treats at the moment, like when I was having my chemo. So we may get it sooner rather than later! It would open doors for us, to have more fun times out together.

    Happy 10th anniversary WOYWW,
    Shoshi #15

  24. Hi Debbie - Happy 10th anniversary - Couldn't comment yesterday as blogger wasn't letting me - bah humbug! - so am trying to get around a few today whilst at least google and blogger are working!!!
    Thanks for visiting - no, I'm not sure if we have met... Did you go to the crop in 2016? I was looking at you profile, and realise we may well have met when I lived in Solihull - but probably without knowing it!!!
    Love the view of your desk - and all those spray inks - goodness me! I don't think I would know what to do with them all - have fun!
    Sorry you won't be able to be at the crop - I was so hoping to meet up - but...
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #5

  25. Oh such a lovely crafty space Debbie. Happy 10th WOYWW anniversary. I will save an ATC for you and give to Shaz at the crop - so looking forward to seeing them all. xx Jo

  26. Sorry I’m late! OMG love the site of your desk as it is at the end of a piece, it doesn’t look nearly as manic or untidy as I’d assumed the powertex and sprays and other media’s would cause! I completely get the prob of getting it from head to fingers, but I also doubt if it’s a wreck. Walk round it for a few days. Also remember, if you’ve made it for someone or to sell, the recipient/new owner won’t know what you did by mistake, they will only see the overall picture, and I know it will never be as bead as you say! Will miss you and Phil next weekend, but totally get it. Promise to be a good monitor and spend at least 10 minutes chatting at every person who wants one! Xxxxx

  27. Happy Anniversary, Debbie! Sorry I'm late. Been creating and cleaning and not much time at the keyboard. Had to giggle at you filling that cart already. LOL I've added a two to my office but each is designated for a specific category. 1 - mixed media tools (most often used tools), 2- current pocket page scrapbooking. We just keep collecting LOL. Creative Blessings! Kelly #35