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Thursday, 23 May 2019

Who wants perfection anyway?!?

Totally inspired by Finnabair and her recent Polish Blog-hop I truly embraced the title of her piece

Perfection is Overrated
which you can read about and watch here
Fear not for it is sub-titled into English!

I have heard her say this many times during the workshops with her that I have been lucky enough to attend and it has really freed me up to let go images of how I think something should turn out and just go with the flow

At least that is what I tell myself 
but can rarely ever manage it
I must admit to turning to Finn for help on this one 

Had it at the point where I was really quite pleased with it
But, as usual, had to carry on tweaking and fiddling and ended up chucking it in the bin ... literally!
I took her advice on the colouring totally on board because I trust her implicitly and whilst it will never be my favourite piece I did really enjoy making it and doing something rather different for me
At least Finn saved it from the bin or the ever bulging Box of Failures!

For once I totally forgot to make a list of the products used 
Or maybe I did make a list but as I ended up hating it I chucked it out never expecting to blog this piece
Can probably make a guess at what I used all apart from the colours of spray inks so might pop back and edit this post at some point

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