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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Bit overwhelmed really

Have just logged-on quite determined to tweak all the little niggly problems into place and am sitting here looking at the screen feeling a bit overwhelmed really ... am not going to get into one of my stressy-tizzy moods and am brown-paper-bagging it to remain calm.  It's nothing that can't be put right eventually of course.

I have been able to add POLLYPOCKET's blog to my list but had no luck adding SHAZINOZ so please don't take it personally SHAZ!!!!  I can't seem to find your URL to add to my list but just as soon as I do I will add you to my bloglist and I can't wait to pop along and read your blog.

So the dilemma for this morning ... do I work on a quiz that needs finishing and that is right here by my elbow, do I catch up on some cross-stitching that I need to do for Christmas, do I immerse myself in gorgeous papers, embellishments and double-sided tape and make the special cards for my family or do I persist here and try and get it sorted?

No contest really!  (will post photo's of families cards later!!!!)

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