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Thursday, 27 October 2011

One step forward - then a complete standstill!

THANK you so much for all your messages of encouragement and for stopping by to look at my blog ... I honestly never thought anyone would especially after hubby-dearests comment "who on earth would want to look at that" when I showed him my efforts back in February.  It is with GREAT delight I report my "page-view" count to him on a several-time-a-day basis (thank goodness I have unlimited texts!!) ... he did go so far as to suggest that 247 of the 250 page-views were mine though.

Progress today in that I managed to add myself to the WOYWW list on Julie's site BUT was not able to work out how or where I should post a comment or a photo ... that's my aim for next week now and hope to have it figured out by then. 

I "lost" today to doing a little bit of a lot of things and really achieving nothing!  Plan on getting those family Christmas cards sorted tomorrow or I will start to panic they are not done.  Just need two pairs of hand really and a few more hours in the day ... if only.


  1. Oh dear hun, you are sturggling!!

    I use the old version of the Blogger dashboard, I find it much easier to work with, I change my type and text colour in the options above the post box.
    as to WoYWW you post the pic, and write about it here, then go back to Julias page and add yourself to the link box at the bottom, you need to copy and paste your Blog address into the link box. Then you follow everyone elses link, and when you comment at the end, you put your name, Bettek, then the # and what ever number you show as on Julias blog, so people know who to respond to,
    Like this

    Lou #63,
    have fun, xx

  2. Just come on over from Maggie C,s blog. Welcome to blogland. You will find it very addictive but very rewarding so stick with it and you will be suprised at how easy it will come to you. I new nothing when I started out 18mths ago. Hugs Mrs A.

  3. Ooooh you have my sympathy I went on to blogger Tuesday night pressed one button and my beautiful blog went tits up. I then cursed and swore for a further 2 hours while I tried to restore some semblance of normality. I did in the end and it is OK but I miss my old leaves :(

  4. Tell Phil he is far too much of a doubter. Most of those views are from other crafters. Hopefully you will have had my emails now about leaving comments etc. Just have fun, girl.

  5. Hi again- good to see you got to WOYWW. If you go to The new posts part of your blog, you will find a tab called 'STATS'. Click on that, and it will show you lists and maps all over the world showing where your visitors are coming from!I bought the Tim stamp( the man set) this week after seeing your tags- couldn't resist it any longer.

  6. I have Nooooooo idea if you get to read my responses to your lovely comments here but will post just in case you can and then double-check with someone!
    Thanks for all the messages ... you all seem to know what problems I have had and it helps knowing I'm not on my own!
    MaggieC - Phil just doesn't get the whole crafting thing ... but then I don't get the lifting of a Land Rover bonnet and attracting a crowd thing either. xXx

  7. Debbie, lifting the bonnet of a Land Rover is guaranteed to get every male on the field to gather round. The posting of a crafting problem on a blog has a very similar result. It is just that we can reach a wider audience in a shorter time.

  8. I've just been trying to put some bits and pieces on my sidebar. Everyone else has lovely things there ... but I haven't managed to change anything. Blogger was born to frustrate!

  9. Tell your hubby, for being sarcastic I will visit your blog everyday so it is a genuine count not just from you visiting yourself lol. How mean!!! lol