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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Don't hold your breath but ...

I think I might be getting somewhere with this blogging business!  Wouldn't have even found my blog if it were not for you MAGGIEC so THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your time and patience with me! 
None of my family actually understand my desire to have a blog ... they don't actually understand my passion for crafting either so you can see what I am up against.  At least now I have somewhere to indulge myself with anything and everything crafty and have a way of keeping a "crafting diary" .... well, I'm interested to see how it develops even if nobody else is!
As you can see from the few photo's I've managed to post I am a huge Tim Holtz fan and love nothing better than working in his style ... which I am hoping to develop as my own style but it is taking a while.  Often have to make more mainstream cards though as not everyone "gets" the grunge/aged/vintage look.  Hubby thought I was quite, quite mad putting old rusty gear-wheel-thingies on his birthday card but he thinks I am quite mad at the best of times.  I sorted through one of his bits'n'bobs box in the garage and found the gear-wheel-thingies and then when he saw them on his card he maintained he would have used them "one day" ... I argued they had been in the box, untouched for at least 30 years so doubted he would be needing them anytime soon.
Will hope to get more photo's on here so you have something to look at rather than just reading my ramblings ... I am known for my "spontaneous ramblings" but will try to keep them short.  I'll try. Really I will. 


  1. Well done, Debbie. You have made such great progress in one day. Just keep rambling, and join in with the WOYWW next week. Even if your desk is a wreck (like mine, most of the time) we still like to look around and see what is going on. All you need is at least one photo and a description of what we can see and what you are doing.

  2. Laughed at this, I have a houseful of stuff' that will come in handy one day'.
    Marg put me onto your blog, She's probably told you how we are connected. First thing I have to say is that your tags are fabulous! I love them. Like you I am a big Tim fan, and am intending to get some more of his stamps soon, I am hoping there will be people with deals on at the NEC in November.Like Marg, I only started my blog a little over a year ago, it is amazing when you start, and find that there are other people liking what you do. I was absolutely blown away at my first comment, lol.I am sure Marg is helping you lots with Blogger, but if you ever need help, and can't get her, feel free to ask me. I'll help if I can. Like she says, come and join in with WOYWW, you will find so many others doing what we all love- playing with stamps, ink & paper.We actually love to see desks that look like an explosion in a craft factory, which is just as well, as that is what mine always resembles. It only ever looks tidy due to careful photography, and piles of stuff pushed out of shot.