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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness

First things first ... note to self : When making 180+ Christmas cards remember to check they will fit standard sized envelopes or you will spend the best part of two days adapting C5 size envelopes to fit ... and it is boring, boring, boring!!!!!

Having now got that jolly little task out of the way I am looking forward to getting out my new papers for this year's "special" cards for family and having a good sniff and then setting to work ... it is probably quite, quite illegal but I am very much a paper sniffer!

Now to my blog ... what problems!  Was merrily tweaking away the other night trying to make it look "just so" only to un-do just about everything I had previously done!  My beautiful brown mottled background was a hideous shade of blue and my lovely brown writing was plain black (still is, but I hope to solve that little problem before too long!) and, well, it wasn't "my" blog anymore.  Hubby-dearest managed to put it pretty much back to how it was despite knowing even less than me about blogging but it is still not quite how I want it to look ... what a learning curve!!!

Am still unable to post comments on any of your blogs and can't fathom out why.  MaggieC is being absolutely brilliant and SOooooo patient but something is obviously amiss so I have to apologise yet again for not yet leaving any messages for any of you.  PLEASE don't think I am just not bothering or am ignoring anything you say to me ... I'll get there but not being the brightest cookie in the packet it is taking me a while.

Now off to see if I can get any further with leaving comments.  You will be the first to know. 


  1. Thoughts are with you, that is just the kind of thing I'd do.
    As to the blog, I've never bothered to sort out my logo, because it makes me laugh that it is so tiny, but I really should try and figure out why everyone else's fits!

  2. Hi Debbie, How brave of you to make so many Christmas cards! I came via MaggieC and scrolled down to see some lovely TH tags you have made and the snow themed invitations are gorgeous! A friend brought me back some snowflake punches from the USA just recently. You can see them on my blog, if you like.
    I had trouble with the commenting thing recently too. I have solved it (I think) by first always going to my blog and signing in there, (before I try to go to anyone else's blog), but I do NOT tick the box which says "keep me signed in". For me, anyway, ticking this box seems to really mess things up. Maybe you could try this?