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Saturday, 22 October 2011

From here to there and back again

Was chatting on FB with my friend in Australia and she was telling me all about her plans to renew her wedding vows in Canada in January.  She married her Canadian husband in Aussie and his family were unable to attend so they thought about the vow renewal for his family. To cut what could be a long story short my friend had not been able to find invitations she liked and ... well, you can see where this is going!  After sending many samples via Email and good old-fashioned "real" samples via snail-mail we were eventually able to come up with a design she liked ... as she will be renewing her vows in the *S*N*O*W* her theme was very definitely *S*N*O*W*F*L*A*K*E*S* ... one of my favourite themes too so not hard to play around with ideas based on what she wanted. 

She was very precise with just how she wanted them to look and I heaved a HUGE sigh of relief when I sent the finished inviations over to Australia and she was really pleased with them.  So that's invitations made in England and then sent to Australia for a function taking place in Canada! 

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