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Friday, 28 October 2011

Meagre offerings

Todays offerings must be short as I have 301 things to do today ... ok, maybe not quite that many but from here it feels like it!

Made a little start on family cards but am not happy with them ... rushed them and they are not really my style so will have to talk myself around that they will do the job and to non-crafters they are "only" a Christmas card and promise myself to do better next time.

In an effort to use up some last scraps of papers I made some very simple birthday cards - nothing too exciting or clever but kinda cute!

I always decorate the inside of my cards and these teddies just told me where they should go! 
Well, must get on ... you know how it is when you have SOoooo much to do and don't quite know where to start you end up wasting time deciding.  Am wasting time deciding so think I will have a cuppa and a bikkie instead!!!


  1. Those Christmas cards look quite complicated. Do you have to cut all those leaves out on each one? They are pretty, and those teddies are cute.

  2. Well done, Debbie, it all seems to be working fine at the moment. Do not worry about asking questions. That is how we all learn.

  3. Wow what gorgeous cards. I love them. Was the little village south of Shropshire? I'm about 10 miles south of Shrewsbury. :-)
    A x

  4. Laughed at your comment to me-I most certainly DID need them! I actually got them for £4.95, free p&p, off a lady on e-bay. So much so, I may indeed be tempted by some of the others.....

  5. See! Just shows you can do it. Got your comment okay. We will have you entering challenges next off. These cards are fab. Now mine really are the pits cos I don't do cards (leave that to my brilliant daughther Fluff) but I do do just about everything other craft going. Hugs Mrs A.

  6. Hi, came to you via silver crafter. I think your christmas cards are lovely, you also have lots of other nice cards on here. Good luck with the blog!