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Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Spent a happy hour or so chatting long distance (thank goodness for Facebook chat!) with nephew number 2's girlfriend as she Oh So Kindly tweaked my blog for me ... I'd lost track of the hours I'd spent trying to do it and just look at it now ... I just LOVE it and things are where they should be and gaps have been closed and, well, I'm just over the moon really!
Thanks to my wonderful "niece-in-law" Lucy ... THE Lucy of Lucy G Photography - you can find her website/blog HERE
Just need to get my crafting mojo back now and I can get on with the many cards I need to make ... haven't even started on those for February yet and one needs to be in the post by Friday ... EEK!!!!!


  1. Much better, Debbie, well done for getting it sorted. See you tomorrow. xx Maggie PS the next thing is to learn to add your blogs to your Facebook automatically.

  2. Love how your blog is looking I keep struggling with mine as I am very limited on the computer stuff. Well done Lucy

  3. Snort - I hadn't even noticed anything untoward with your blog - I dive right into the content 'cos am nosy and don't much care a fig if anything is out of place around me. Totally went over my head! Hugs, Di xx